Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Spanish Series Salsa

What a great series for the introduction to Spanish from Georgia Public Broadcasting! There are some versions with sign language as well.

Print off these guides by episode: Teacher Instructions and Materials for Episodes

To view videos, copy link and paste it into the tool bar or try this new set of links.

If the links are not working properly, you can go to the search page and type in salsa. Then scroll through to find the listing you want. It will also play in the right side of the screen on this page.

For transcripts of each episode, go to Episode Transcript


S said...

I need to download a player for this to work for me but when I search for one I can't find one. Any idea what I could use to play the videos? They don't work on my windows media player either.


Bethany said...

Hello S,

When I put the sites into the web address bar, my computer's windows media player opens and they play there.

If you click on the search page button above, it looks like they play in real player on the right side of your screen. It looks like this site: http://www.real.com/ has a free version.

I hope this helps!

Lisa said...

I just want to thank you for your blog. I find myself getting ideas and I appreciate you putting this our there for others to see.

Bethany said...

I received an comment that I mistakenly deleted that I wanted to reply to...

There was some problem with getting connected to the videos.

Early today I have still been able to get to the videos by clicking on the "try his new set of links" in this post.

Please let me know if this works for you, I believe it was Sharon?

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