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Spring Stitch Fix May 2016 {Review}

So after my first box from Stitch Fix (all Stitch Fix links in this post are through my referral link), I decided I definitely wanted to use the service again. Mother's Day came and Poppa said, "What would you like?" My reply was, "I'd like a Stitch Fix box please." And just a few days ago, I received my box. My girls love to help me make outfits and take pictures when the box arrives. We were all excited, when the box came 2 days earlier then it was scheduled. Getting fixes are just so much fun!

In case you have never heard about Stitch Fix, it is a company that provides you with a personal stylist for a fee of $20 for every shipment called a fix. In each fix, you will be provided with 5 items. You try the items on in the privacy of your own home, with your entire closet right there. After 3 days, you drop the items that you want to return into the provided envelope (no shipping charges applied) and give the bag to your postal carrier or drop it off at your post office. Then you go online and checkout, listing what you are keeping and what you aren't. If you choose anything from the fix, your $20 styling fee is applied to the clothing. If you choose to keep all 5 items, you get 25% off your entire fix.

To start a Stitch Fix profile, You go to their website and make an account. This is free and you should totally do it even if you aren't ready to schedule a fix. It goes through your sizes, preferences, samples of clothing styles, color interests, price points, and lots more. There's even a box to add additional information. Another great thing to do is build a fashion board on pinterest. Pin things that you really love to your pinterest board. That gives your stylist a wonderful idea of what you are looking for and what you really like. If you see anything in a Stitch Fix review that you really like, pin those. Pin mine away, if there is something you like here too! You can click on the box below to see my board.

pinterest board
When you are ready, you schedule a fix. You can receive a fix every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month, every three months, or as you want to schedule them. Once you schedule a fix, you make a note to your stylist. In your note, you let your stylist know what you are looking pieces for a special event or a hole in your wardrobe.

Poppa and I have been married for just about 17 years and every year we take an overnight stay somewhere. I thought it would be nice to request something for our trip this year. I wanted to try a few nice shirts and maybe a dress. And I requested Kristen, the stylist from my first box. Here is my note from her.

stylist note

And here is the stash...

My first impression was that I liked all of the colors and the one pattern looked doable. From my receipt slip, I knew there were two dresses and three shirts, one of the dresses was a maxi. I was a tad concerned, because, well I'm short, but then I noticed that the maxi was in petite. I let Jo-Jo unwrap the tissue paper for me and decide what I should try on first. 

I have five guidelines to help me decide what I want to keep: 
  • I have to love the item alone
  • It has to look good with layers
  • I have to be able to wear it in at least 3 different outfits
  • I have to try it more than once
  • And it has to be Poppa approved
Poppa said all of them looked great on me and even tried to throw away the envelope, so I couldn't return anything. :) Sweet husband. Without further ado...

1. Papermoon Waters Knit Maxi Dress~Light Blue $68.00
Papermoon Waters Knit Maxi Dress ~Light Blue

I tried this one on with a pair of wedge sandals which would work great for summer. A white cardigan would warm it up for spring and a jean jacket would make a nice fall transition.
Papermoon Waters Knit Maxi Dress ~Light Blue
This dress is lovely. I wouldn't normally pick out patterns, but these worked and seemed to have a very slimming effect, which is really what I'm going for in a maxi dress. :)  The petite worked wonderfully, since I was initially afraid a maxi would trail on the ground. This would be great to wear to my neice's graduation in June. It is in Texas and this material is so light, I think it would withstand that heat.
Decision: Kept

2. 41Hawthorn Tameron Button Down Blouse~Red $58.00
41Hawthorn Tameron Button Down Blouse ~Red

This shirt is a button up with dime sized brass buttons. The material is very soft feeling. It has tabbed sleeves. I tried this shirt with my pair of skinny jeans from my first fix with a white camisole and black flats.
41Hawthorn Tameron Button Down Blouse ~Red
I love red and the material is nice, but I really don't like button ups unless they are crisp and tuck into a skirt or jeans. I prefer to have another detail like a cowl neck or ruffles. I'm not a huge fan of tabbed sleeves. And this red looks reddish-orange and I'm most fond of true red and purpley reds, although the camera gives it a more orange tint then it actually had in real life. In the end, I just wasn't very fond of it.
Decision: Returned

3. Gilli Kamile Knit Dress~Black $54.00
Gilli Kamile Knit Dress ~Black

This dress is knee length on me and can be worn in many ways. I threw on some black strappy wedges.
Gilli Kamile Knit Dress ~Black

It has perfect pleating at the chest and a strip that creates a bodice look.
Gilli Kamile Knit Dress ~Black
I love the style and cut of this dress. I debated the longest about this item. I have several black dresses. I thought, I really don't need another one. If it was any other color, I would keep it pretty much unconditionally. However, after trying my other dresses on and my girls insisting that I should keep it, I decided it was time to give those other dresses up. I realized I actually never wore them, because they didn't fit properly and weren't flattering. The girls were excited to get 3 black dresses from my closet too.
Decision: Kept

4. Collective Concepts Alliyah Split Neck Blouse~Navy $54.00
Collective Concepts Alliyah Split Neck Blouse ~Navy

I tried this shirt on with a pair of corduroys and navy heels. Although on me, I think it would make a much better shirt layered.
Collective Concepts Alliyah Split Neck Blouse ~Navy

The back has a nice pleating under the seam.
Collective Concepts Alliyah Split Neck Blouse ~Navy
I love navy, but I just couldn't like the fit of this blouse. It seemed to puff out at the bottom giving me a triangular look that I don't want. I tried tucking in the front, but I didn't like that either. And also it is dry clean only. With all of these kids, I prefer hand wash or even better machine wash.
Decision: Returned

5. BRIXON IVY Eugene Swiss Dot Blouse~White $68.00
BRIXON IVY Eugene Swiss Dot Blouse ~White

I put the swiss dot blouse on with a pair of light wash jeans rolled up and brown wedge sandles. The sleeves can be buttoned up or unbuttoned with the tabbed sleeves.
BRIXON IVY Eugene Swiss Dot Blouse ~White

It came with a white camisole underneath. The front had a folded design and buttons (just sewn on).
BRIXON IVY Eugene Swiss Dot Blouse ~White
I already have a swiss dot blouse in white, but I really like this style, cut and material. I would love it in another navy or coral or teal or deep purple. If I didn't already have one like it, I would have kept it.
Decision: Returned

Kristen is doing a wonderful job getting closer and closer to my style profile and what I like. Last fix I kept 2 things, this one I would have kept 3 had I not already had something just like it. I am looking forward to my next fix. :) I think in my my next fix to get some shirts that work well for my body type, that I can wear alone and layered. Stitch Fix is really helping me update my closet with classic staple pieces and getting rid of my clothes that just hang in my closet because I am not comfortable wearing them. See our November 2016 Stitch Fix Review.

What do you think? Anything to add to your pinterest board?

Want to start a profile? You can do so here: Stitch Fix.

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