Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation {A Review}

Purposeful Design sent us Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation ($24.95, see the special offer at the end of the review) for all ages to review.

First Thoughts

Mr. Jay Schabacker was kind enough to sign our book, which we always appreciate when we receive a new book and it adds something special to the review.

About the Book

Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation has seven chapters and a preface, introduction, and epilogue. Each chapter outlines one of the seven days of creation. In 94 pages, Schabacker explains the science behind creation. He provides insight into the workings of our earth and the universe.

Using the seven days of creation as an outline, the book contains information on a variety of concepts. Some of these include:
~the earth's orbit
~rules of nature
~the moon
~the water cycle
~plant life
~fruit and vegetables
~tilt of the earth
~ocean tides
~animal instinct and purpose
~the human body

Scripture is woven into the scientific facts that are provided and the book is presented with strikingly, beautiful pictures.

Bonus Materials

There is a free workbook curriculum available on the website called The Young Explorers Club that goes along with each chapter. It includes a Kid's Workbook, Teacher Set, and a Certificate of Completion. We printed it and worked on it after reading each chapter.

How you Could Use the Book

This book could be used in so many ways. It could be utilized in a Sunday School classroom, in a church library, as a coffee book table, in a homeschool, or as a family devotional study.

Reading the Book

Li and I read the book through together. His favorite parts were the pages that had pictures of water life on them. He is really into sharks right now and all things that teem the seas.
Jo-Jo read most of the book herself. She would occasionally ask for me to explain what a difficult word or concept was, but for the most part she read it independently. Her favorite part was that the author signed it and she likes the pictures of the stars. There are a lot of pictures of things she says she has never seen before. She especially likes the animals that proved our designer has a sense of humor. She really thought the piglet squid was funny. She learned that if it was always 0 degrees, the birds would never leave, there would be no seasons, bears would not hibernate, and seeds would not grow.

Ceesa read the book on her own. After she was finished reading it, we would work on the free curriculum materials. Her favorite things about the book were the pictures and she liked how the facts were put together with the days of creation. She says that, "God made the world perfect and the earth could not have been formed in any other way."

The girls did a few of the pages together. They took turns writing out and finding answers.

They especially liked to work on the crossword  puzzle together.

After we read the book, the girls made a mosaic of their favorite day of creation.

Ceesa decided on the first day, when God filled the void of darkness with light.

Jo-Jo created a mosaic from the sixth day of creation when God created the land animals and humans.

Special Offer

Right now you can get the book, free curriculum, signed or personalized, and free shipping and handling for just $18.95 as a part of a special holiday offer.

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