Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Winter Stitch Fix {Review} January 2016: My First Fix

So you may be wondering why this post starts with a picture of my front door, but it isn't the door exactly that I want you to see. It is the box off to the left there that I'm taking a picture of and I have to say I jumped up and down when I saw that the delivery man had dropped it off.

It's a box from Stitch Fix (all Stitch Fix links in this post are through my referral link) box. I had been debating about trying Stitch Fix for some time and finally decided to just try it out. I don't get out much to do shopping, what with the four kids and homeschooling and teaching classes and church and blogging and reviewing and everything else that occupies my time. When I do purchase new clothing, I order pieces online. And that is always hit or miss. I hate ordering a beautiful dress to find out that it is really too small or too big. I refuse to pay the extra shipping to send it back, thinking that I will wear it anyway, and then the items just hang in my closet. A lot of times, I am gifted clothing (new and used). Usually, I go through them, choose what I might wear, try it on, and if it is okay, I put it in the closet. The true test is if I grab it later. If it sits for a month without me wearing it, I pass it on. Free clothing only works, if I will wear the pieces.

While I do have some pretty strong preferences to clothing, I don't have the time or energy to look for the things I know that I will like. There is a sweet boutique where we know the owners not far from us and I visit there once in a great while, but the idea of having a stylist pick out clothes based on my preferences is very appealing to me. And trying them on in my own home with my other clothes, that is to good to be true!

So what is Stitch Fix? Stitch Fix is a company that provides you with a personal stylist for a fee of $20 for every shipment called a fix. In each fix, you will be provided with 5 items. You try the items on in the privacy of your own home, with your entire closet right there. After 3 days, you drop the items that you want to return into the provided envelope (no shipping charges applied) and give the bag to your postal carrier or drop it off at your post office. Then you go online and checkout, listing what you are keeping and what you aren't. If you choose anything from the fix, your $20 styling fee is applied to the clothing. If you choose to keep all 5 items, you get 25% off your entire fix.

So how does your stylist know what to send you? To begin with you go to Stitch Fix and fill out your style profile. This is free and you should totally do it even if you aren't ready to schedule a fix. It goes through your sizes, preferences, samples of clothing styles, color interests, and lots more. There's even a box to add additional information. I included my complexion, hair color, and that I was a homeschooling mom and university professor too. I filled out my profile in the summer and it has been these 6 whole months before I actually scheduled a fix. Another great thing to do is build a fashion board on pinterest. Pin things that you really love to your pinterest board. That gives your stylist a wonderful idea of what you are looking for and what you really like. If you see anything in a Stitch Fix review that you really like, pin those. Pin mine away, if there is something you like here too! You can even take a look at our other fashion related posts.

Then you schedule a fix. You can receive a fix every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month, every three months, or as you want to schedule them. Once you schedule a fix, you make a note to your stylist. In your note, you let your stylist know what you are looking pieces for a special event or a hole in your wardrobe.

You can pick your price point for clothing items, but even the lower priced items can still be expensive. But never fear I have a tip for saving money for a fix: Instead of spending a little here and there on clothing items or knick-knack type things, restrain and put that money in a cup and as it adds up then you can do Stitch Fix. I'm not a shopper, so I couldn't really do this, but I know many people that shop regularly for inexpensive items. Instead of those little items, you could put that money aside. It might add up more  quickly than you think. I don't have a budget for my own clothes. I take hand-me-downs and presents. Occasionally, I will buy something that I must have like a pair of jeans that fit. So...I waited until Christmas came around and I used the money that I was given to schedule my first fix.

I was afraid I would be overwhelmed with the choices so I came up with a couple of guidelines for myself to know when I should keep an item:
  • I have to love the item alone
  • It has to look good with layers
  • I have to be able to wear it in at least 3 different outfits
  • And it has to be Poppa approved
With my guidelines ready, I scheduled my first fix. My note looked like this:

I really need a pair of skinny jeans. Don't own a single pair. But no distressed or zippers on legs & I prefer a dark wash.

Need some nice tops (Ideal length is 21 inches or longer from shoulder of garment) for casual dinners w/ friends that can be layered or stand alone. I'm an autumn complexion. Love red, black, burgundy, medium lavender, gold, light blue, forest green (with blue hints), terra cotta orange, rust, deep purple, coral, mauve, and teals!

 No accessories!

In each fix, you receive a personalized note from your stylist and cards with each piece styled in two ways. My stylist was Kristen. This is what she had to say...

And here is my fix...

My first impression was...hmm...are those birds? And...Do I like these colors? And then, I tried them all on. Actually over the course of a couple days, I tried them on about 4 times each. I really wanted to be sure that I liked the item or didn't like it. I really didn't want to have any second thoughts after I sent something back or kept it. 

Each item comes with a style card that you can use for ideas about how to wear it and what to put it with that you might already own.

So now what you've all been waiting for...on to the fashion show!

1. Market & Spruce Ivy Split Neck Print Blouse~Navy  $58.00

Okay before trying this blouse on. I already told you I thought, "Oh, my birds!" But one of the rules of having a stylist and getting fixes is trying everything on, even if your first impression isn't great. And birds, well. It isn't really my style. The material was so silky soft though and I really like the navy color.

For pictures, I tried the clothing on in two ways. First I paired this shirt with my boot cut jeans and a pair of booties.

Then I put it with a navy blazer, a gray pencil skirt, and navy heels. This was actually similar to something on my style card. I wouldn't have come up with this combination myself.
And this blouse fit wonderfully. The size was perfect and the navy color was great. I had lots I could wear with it. Poppa really liked the fit. BUT in the end, I just couldn't convince myself that I would ever like the birds.
Decision: Returned

2. Laila Jayde Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top~Jewel Tone Purple  $58.00
So my first thought with this one was, well, what about this color? When I tried it on initially the girls said they really liked it, but I wasn't so sure. The material is super thin and the sleeves were really extreme for my small frame.

To begin with, I put it with a black pencil skirt, black heels, and a beige scarf.

And then I put it with a pair of dress pants, heels, and a checkered scarf.
Ummm...I'm totally donating this scarf because when I saw the picture I thought, "Hello. Grandma! When did I take this picture of you?" :) I simply adore my Grandmother, as she is over 50 years older than me, our clothing choices are a tad different. Grandma if you are reading this, would you like this scarf? It would look lovely on you! I think you have a shirt with a pattern very similar to this.

This was a no. The color doesn't complement my complexion, no jewel-tone purple for me! Poppa didn't like it. I felt a bit like it included wings. I like the Dolman style, but this was extreme on me. And I really have nothing that complements it!
Decision: Returned

3. 41Hawthron Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan~Burnt Orange  $48.00

While I can technically wear this shade of orange with my complexion, I was a little concerned when I first saw it. Even though, I have a scarf this color and love it, I was just so unsure. But can I just say? When I put this on, I loved it. The color looked great and it has a wonderful shape!

I put it with one of my favorite dresses. Although you can't tell in this picture, there is a floral pattern on the dress that has a lighter shade of this orange in it. While the dress is normally something I would only wear in the spring and summer, with this cardigan, I could even wear it in the fall.
Okay. Do you want to know what is up with this picture over there on the right? That is Wheel, he was totally photo bombing. But I didn't want his complete cuteness to overwhelm you, so I cropped him out. Shhhh! Don't tell him.

Then I tried the cardigan with a fitted navy shirt, boot cut jeans, and navy heels.

Poppa approved of it and what can I say? This cardigan is wonderful!! I would love others...and I realized that I had pinned this cardigan to my pinterest board twice. Once in a shade of purple and the other in pink. I've even seen it in teal, which would be beautiful with that dress up there too! While the burnt orange works for me, I probably don't need too many pieces that color. So I may not always pick something to keep in this color. But I also realized that I pinned an outfit that had an orange cardigan about this color. Kristen paid so much attention to those details!
Decision: Kept

4. Market & Spruce Corinna Striped Dolman Top~Navy  $48.00

Okay this is where the rubber meets the road. I have seen lots of really cute stripes everywhere. I've pinned lots (again thanks Kristen for paying attention!). But I usually don't do stripes, so...

I really like the nautical look, so I thought I would put this with a pair of white pants and navy heels. I borrowed one of the girls necklaces and...
Notice how the stripes go one way down the sleeves and then the cuff goes the other way, which is the same as the shirt. That is such a neat detail.

This time I put it with a crocheted red scarf, my long denim skirt, and my cognac boots.

Poppa really liked it. In fact, he almost talked me into it, but for some reason it laid in such a strange way on my waist. It was almost like it was cut for maternity. and after having four children, I don't need any extra material in that area. In the end, I just couldn't justify purchasing it with the odd fit. And I'm still on the fence about stripes.
Decision: Return

5. Just Black Adorra Skinny Jean~Navy (tag says Super)  $88.00
When folks started wearing skinny jeans, Poppa said no way, but then he said that he thought that with tunic type shirts and boots, they wouldn't be so bad. I think he also noticed how I had to fight with my boot cut jeans to get them in my boots. So I'm a little late to the skinny jean scene and I will probably wrestle with when and what I wear them with. These are the best feeling denim jeans I have ever tried on!

So for the first outfit, I tried on a wrap shirt and my black boots. I also tried these on with all of my boots (brown, black, cognac, and brown furry boots) to make sure that the dark wash would go with all of them.

Then I put it with a sheer white blouse and my cognac boots.
I love this outfit and can't wait to wear it somewhere.

These jeans were super expensive. While I don't mind spending a little extra for a good pair of jeans that will last me for several years, they were almost too expensive. If I weren't using a gift card and Christmas money, I probably would have sent them back. For future skinny jean purchases, I might visit the local boutique because their skinny jeans are half the price.
Decision: Kept

If I had picked all of the items, I would have received a 25% discount. That would have been $75 off. Not too bad for beautiful things that should last for several years.

Since I only kept the skinny jeans and cardigan, my total was $136 plus tax. However, I had a gift card and Christmas money, so I actually still have some money leftover to spend.

Overall, I think this is super fun and a great gift idea. In fact, I told Poppa it would make a lovely mother's day gift. My stylist did a wonderful job listening to my needs and looking over my pinterest board when she made her decisions on what to send me. Thanks Kristen! I like the whole idea of Stitch Fix and while the prices are higher than everyday homeschooling around the house, I could definitely see it being so helpful for updating my work wardrobe and holes throughout my wardrobe (like for church and to dinner or cookout and running the kids hither and yon to baking club, Bible Study, play practice, and their girls group)! I'm excited to try it again sometime.

What do you think? Anything to add to your pinterest board?
You can start your own profile here: Stitch Fix.

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Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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Phyllis said...

This is a very interesting post. I enjoyed reading your commentary on each item, and your reasoning about the items. Funny thing is, I would have picked both the bird top and the purple one as well as the orange cardigan. I agree that the striped one did not do anything for you and the jeans were too high.

Unknown said...

Love your boots with the skinny jeans! Who makes them?

Bethany said...

:) thanks Phyllis! I really did love the bird shirt (minus the birds). Maybe when I try Stitch Fix out next time, I'll request the shirt I a different pattern.

Bethany said...

The cognac pair are Kisses brand from kohls and the black pair are from Ralph Lauren.

Anonymous said...

I got that same striped shirt and thought the exact same about it seeming like a maternity shirt! I loved it except for that :(

Bethany said...

Yep. I agree. I wonder why it fits like that. I've see. A few pictures of people that have it and it looks great on.

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