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Autumn Stitch Fix November 2016 {Review}

It's Stitch Fix time again! (All Stitch Fix links use my referral code!) If you are keeping track, I've had a winter fix, a spring fix, and now an autumn fix. If you don't know what Stitch Fix, is you can read all about it at the bottom of this post! When my autumn fix arrived, we had friends over. Ceesa brought the box to me and one of my bestest friends (Hi Amanda!) said, "You are going to open that while I'm here, right?" :)

So, of course, I did. :) This time I asked for an all top fix that I could wear with skinny jeans or leggings and boots. I wanted some things in burgundy, mauve, or teal, maybe even navy. And I especially asked for a flannel that wasn't traditional red. Here's what I found...

And here's the fashion show...

1. Skies are Blue Marimar Crochet Top ~ Burgundy $54.00

Skies are Blue Marimar Crochet Top ~ Burgundy

Skies are Blue Marimar Crochet Top ~ Burgundy

First off, I love the shade of this top! It is a purpley burgundy color. The detail along the side has a diamond pattern, I wouldn't really call it crochet though. It has a panel of material over another layer of material. both in the front and the back. The sleeves are tabbed and there is a button in the back. This was my very favorite piece. It fit perfectly and was the color I had envisioned. I've worn it out already and had several compliments on it. That's how I know Stitch Fix is the right service for me. When I wear the clothes, I receive compliments nearly every single time.

Skies are Blue Marimar Crochet Top ~ Burgundy

Decision: Easy!!! Kept

2. Loveappella Andies Crochet Detail Knit Top ~ Teal Green $54.00

Loveappella Andies Crochet Detail Knit Top ~ Teal Green

This shirt is long and flowy, (those of you that have been pregnant, imagine your most comfy maternity shirt). The crochet goes over the top of the patterned material. It has a sort of cross in the middle and it is a v-shape. The tag says teal, but it was definitely more blue from a distance overall, although there was some teal in the design. Patterns in shirts don't really suit my fair complexion, although I loved the feel of the material.

Loveappella Andies Crochet Detail Knit Top ~ Teal Green

Decision: Return

3. 41Hawthorn Jakob Mixed Material Top ~ Grey $58.00

41Hawthorn Jakob Mixed Material Top ~ Grey 

This top is mixed material, so it not only has two different patterns of material, but the material itself is different. The front detailed pattern is a silky material whereas the grey of the sleeves and back is a stretchy material. The front is slightly higher than the back. The pattern of the shirt has very interesting detail. From the picture, you can tell how the colors just don't suit me. They sort of wash me out and the fit didn't suit my shape either.

41Hawthorn Jakob Mixed Material Top ~ Grey

Decision: Return

4. Unpublished Athenia Button Back Top ~ Blue $58.00

Unpublished Athenia Button Back Top ~ Blue

What is there to say? A button back flannel!!! So cute. The material was soft and it is just the type of flannel I was hoping for. The blues and red of the stripes are very bright and they are offset by the navy of the squares. This was a tough one for me. I really wanted to keep it, but I had trouble with the buttons popping (although it wasn't tight on me) and the brights were almost neon like, so I just couldn't pull it off. But look how cute it is from the back!!

Unpublished Athenia Button Back Top ~ Blue

Decision: Return

5. 41Hawthorn Derenzi V-Neck Striped Pullover ~ Navy $64.00

41Hawthorn Derenzi V-Neck Striped Pullover ~ Navy

41Hawthorn Derenzi V-Neck Striped Pullover ~ Navy

This top is a stretchy material with navy colored sleeves and a side panel. The back and front middle section have stripes in grey and different shades of blue ranging light to dark. This was another tough one for me. I love navy, but the grey stripes aren't especially flattering. The bottom is a bit snugglely (I know, I know, I made up 3 of my own words in this post! Bonus points if you found them all.) against my waist and I felt like I would need to suck in to feel comfortable in it. I really like the front and the v-neck line.
41Hawthorn Derenzi V-Neck Striped Pullover ~ Navy

Decision: Return

The skinny jeans are from my very first fix: Just Black Adorra Skinny Jean~Navy (tag says Super) and the boots are from Kohls.

Overall I was hoping for more pieces that had colors that would be more flattering to my skin tone and hair color, but I'm in love with the shirt I kept and I'm very happy with it. 

And my made up words...bestest, purpley, and snugglely. :)

Are you ready to schedule your first fix? Go to Stitch Fix and fill out your profile!

Here are more details about how it works...

In case you have never heard about Stitch Fix, it is a company that provides you with a personal stylist for a fee of $20 for every shipment called a fix. In each fix, you will be provided with 5 items. You try the items on in the privacy of your own home, with your entire closet right there. After 3 days, you drop the items that you want to return into the provided envelope (no shipping charges applied) and give the bag to your postal carrier or drop it off at your post office. Then you go online and checkout, listing what you are keeping and what you aren't. If you choose anything from the fix, your $20 styling fee is applied to the clothing. If you choose to keep all 5 items, you get 25% off your entire fix.

To start a Stitch Fix profile, You go to their website and make an account. This is free and you should totally do it even if you aren't ready to schedule a fix. It goes through your sizes, preferences, samples of clothing styles, color interests, price points, and lots more. There's even a box to add additional information. Another great thing to do is build a fashion board on pinterest. Pin things that you really love to your pinterest board. That gives your stylist a wonderful idea of what you are looking for and what you really like. If you see anything in a Stitch Fix review that you really like, pin those. Pin mine away, if there is something you like here too! You can click on the box below to see my board.

When you are ready, you schedule a fix. You can receive a fix every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month, every three months, or as you want to schedule them. Once you schedule a fix, you make a note to your stylist. In your note, you let your stylist know what you are looking for...like pieces for a special event or a hole in your wardrobe.

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Jamie said...

Love the burgundy top! So cute on you!

Bethany said...

Thank you! I'm glad I kept it. :)

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