Thursday, May 19, 2011

Recycled, Spring Projects these may be a little late,
but here are our spring projects.

These recycled jars
can be used for
vases or candle holders.

We watered down white school glue and painted it on old, pizza sauce jars.
Then we sprinkled sand over and tied raffia around the top.

These chicks are adorable.

We made the nests from recycled, brown packing paper and sticks from the last storm.

The chicks were made from 2 pieces of yellow, egg carton (1 cut smaller). We wrapped fuzzy, yellow yarn around them and hot glued the smaller one on top. Then we took 2 yellow feathers and punched a hole in the sides of the body to push them in. We cut two small circles from brown art foam and diamond shaped pieces from orange art foam. We glued the brown on for eyes and poked a hole in for the beak and pushed both orange pieces in.

The mini-rag wreaths were another
great recycled project.
They can be used to hang as wreaths,
around a candle holder or vase,
or even as a table centerpiece.

I cut old spring colored cloth scraps into strips. Then I sniped wire hangers (from the dry cleaner), bent them into circle-ish shapes, and twisted the ends together with pliers. **Watch your fingers the edges can be sharp.

Pretty good, since I didn't buy anything. To see some of the project materials, there are pictures below.

Wishing you homeschooling blessings,

Chick Project
Marabou Feathers .25 Oz: Yellow24 Packs of Assorted Color Feather YarnFoam Sheets 12-Inch by 18-Inch, 12/Pkg, Fashion Colors

Vase Project
Colored Sand - Black 25 Lbs Shipping IncludedNatural Raffia Mini Bundle 2 Oz.

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