Thursday, November 24, 2011

Marco Polo Study: Turkey

In the words of Marco Polo...

"(Turkomans) dwell amongst the mountains...their object is to find good pasture for their cattle...There is here an excellent breed of horses ...and fine mules."

Karacabey Horse-extinct since 1979

"Other classes....gain their living by commerce and manufacture. The best and handsomest carpets in the world are wrought here, and also silks of crimson and other rich colours."

Early 14th Century Turkish Rug

He discusses the fine cotton cloth called bombazines, baths of warm water issuing from the earth, a rich mine of silver, the ark of Noah which was said to rest on the Mountain of the Ark (Mount Ararat), abundant vegetation from the snow melt, and a fountain of oil which discharges from the earth and is used for burning in their lamps (Baku Oilfield).
Mount Ararat
Make your own weaving project

We tried paper basket weaving.

We read Marco Polo: A Story of the Middle Ages Ch. 4.

See our References for more information.
I am working on a year long series on the Polo family travels and thought I'd share it with you. Enjoy and please post any additional information you have for us or corrections.

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