Monday, June 11, 2012

What an artist! Creative and Inspiring

Once when we were at an art show,
we got to meet the artist.

We were talking about how Ceesa (at 4)
could see detail in things and draw it.
Things that I miss.
Things that are important to the character
of the subject that she is drawing.

The artist said that is what a true artist does.
My Ceesa is creative and inspiring.

Daily I am reminded of these things.
I found this sitting on the counter the other day.
It is a picture of my momma.
I can not say that it is an exact representation,
but there are definitely points that make this picture my mom.

Ceesa has managed to capture something,
something real that I can't explain.
Maybe it is in the way mom is sitting,
or the way her shirt is draped over her,
or even the watch.

It is such a blessing to watch
this gift unfold in her.
To not miss it,
for it not to be squelched or belittled.

It is amazing.
She is amazing.

Wishing you homeschool blessings,


Helena said...

This is lovely, Bethany; what a beautiful picture! How wonderful to have such special art happening in your home. My kids seem to be able to see and show those little details too, and I'm always floored by that. It IS such a blessing to get to see art unfolding naturally, in a child's own time.... Thank you for sharing this. :)

Sarah said...

My mind has grabbed onto "that's what artists do" I'd never thought of it like that before: the grabbing onto detail others might miss and preserving those forever. Just been listening to lectures about poetry doing that: capturing the present moment. Thanks for the lightbulb moment.

Visiting from Unschool Monday

Unknown said...

How fantastic! Yes, I can see your mom there! My eldest has a particular skill for this too and it is so lovely that you know you can nurture it. xx

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