Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Corn Husk Dolls

Last week, we took a trip to a local museum.
One of the rooms is a Native American room.
There was so much to see.

This week I thought it would be fun
to dig out the corn husks that we dried
(about 3 days in the sun)
a couple of months ago.

To make your own corn husk dolls,
soak your dried husks
in warm water about 10 minutes.
You'll need about 15 pieces for every doll.
Then wipe off  the excess water
with a towel.
The husks will still be damp,
but not dripping.

Trim off the edges so they are all
about 8 inches long.

Cut some yarn to help bind
your doll in various places.

Holding most of your husks,
fold about 2 inches backward,
tie with a piece of yarn,
and use a 1/2 inch wide piece of husk
to tie over the yarn.

To make the arms,
use two pieces of husk and fold together.

Slip those pieces up to the doll's head.
Be sure to slide it in the middle
of the open end of the husk to hide.
Secure at the bottom with a piece of yarn.
And cover it with husk again.

You can add a shawl by wrapping a husk around the shoulders
or braid hair and affix to the head.

Cut off the uneven pieces at the bottom of your doll.


MrsYub said...

Ha! This is another doable one for us, THANKYOU!!

Bethany said...

There were a lot of very difficult designs we looked at, but we came up with this one and it was so easy!

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