Sunday, October 21, 2012

Toilet Paper and Owls

The kids made these owls to adorn our mantel.

The entire project was their own.
I folded down the tops
and told them to use any supplies they wanted.

They both decided to forego bright colors
and paint them colors like the snowy owl.

So no sequins or fancy designs.

And I think they are just great!

This idea was inspired by: happy hooligans.

Wishing you homeschool blessings,


MrsYub said...

Ooooh! This is another easy, but great one! Ta muchly :D :D

Bethany said...

Yes. I did hardly a thing to help them. They did all of the work.

Glory Bea said...

Hi, Bethany ... fellow CM-inspired homeschooler. Thanks for visiting my blog and listing yours. I love what you're doing here ... and in your home ... and this sweet owl. I've been *wanting* to get to where the kids can make decor for the home ... what a great idea you've shared here. I look forward to reading more. Many blessings, Glory

Bethany said...

Thanks Glory! We've been using the kids art work as our decorations for just over a year. My husband even made shelves to display their pieces. Right now the shelves have dry-brushed paintings and felting work displayed!

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