Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Is Homeschooling Better than Public School?

Why homeschool? I’m not sure why everyone that chooses to homeschool does and we didn’t make our decision lightly. For our family, there isn’t just one answer. Both Poppa and I have both taught in the public school system and we want something different for our children.  Notice I didn’t say better. I said different. For us, different is better.
We want learning to be something we do together. We want to learn with them. We want to discover the world by being in it, by getting our hands in what’s real: creeking, going to museums, hiking, observing nature, going to reenactments, fishing tadpoles from the pond, and visiting the places people have been before us that made history. We want to learn wherever we are;  whether reading up in the fort, sitting cuddled on the couch by the fire, or out on the deck in spring sprawled out under sheet tents.
I could point to research and studies. I could give you the long list of reasons why we want our children to grow in our loving and nurturing care, why we want them to keep their sense of identities and personalities, why we want them to have a real life not confined to four walls. But it would never do, never explain why we homeschool.

No words could ever do to explain why we homeschool. But yes. For our family, homeschooling is better.
Wishing you homeschool blessings,


Phyllis said...

Those sure are some beautiful schooling moments you have captured.

Bethany said...

Thanks! I think so too!

MrsYub said...

Very politically written ;) I like it :)
I have been challenged (yes, challenged!!) by deveral people, and I have found that it really depends on the person a s to how you answer, as most people are looking for a specific answer, which is not always YOUR answer! One of my reason's is that the schools around here (and most other places I'm assuming) are used more as a socializing zone rather than a learning zone. I disagree with this. Schools should be for learning first and socializing second, not the other way around. Another of my favourite answers is very similar to what you've written here. But there is no pleasing some people.

Bethany said...

I find at times I can be too defensive when I'm challenged too. It's hard to be put on the spot without offending someone. :)

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