Monday, April 08, 2013

Free and Low Cost “Whole”istic Learning Opportunities: Math

To build math skills, we try to be as "whole"istic as possible!

Curriculum we use:
Math Mammoth Grades 1-7/8
Times Tales DVD
Jacobs Algebra, Geometry, & Algebra II with AskDrCallahan DVD's

Fun with Math: 

~Help make budgets for birthday parties, household expenses, vacations, room remodels, eating out (figure tip), and special activities
~Balance checking account and write checks
~Build together and plan out with measurements together
~Learn about banking, credit cards, and investments (follow stock market and “purchase” stock)
~Use beans, buttons, or anything in a large quantity for counters
~Make a geo-board with square wood and nails in a grid pattern
~Use real money when teaching money
~Play games the use money and logic
~Use dominoes, dice and playing cards for math facts
~Use a ruler as a number line
~Double, triple, or half recipes for cooking
~Compare measurements with kitchen measuring cups and spoons and water

~Build tangram
~Help cut pies and cakes and pizzas to consider fractions
~Jump rope or play hide and seek for math facts (skip count too)

~Make up math stories for one another to solve
~Play suduko puzzles
~Online games
~Invest in pulleys, a scale, a stopwatch, a catapult, an abacus, puzzles, tangrams, tarps, canvas, and pvc pipe
~Use a calender, thermometer, compass, watch, clock, and a timer

~Play with lots of math manipulates

What kind of "whole"istic learning have you enjoyed? Check out the rest of our Whole"-istic Learning Series!

Wishing you homeschool blessings,


jenny said...

Lots of great ideas! The boys love measuring things and counting, especially with their Legos :) We will also draw numbers in the sand or dirt. When they have received money from family, we've gone onto Ebay and helped them bid on an item. They don't enjoy getting outbid though! Bright blessings to you.

Bethany said...

What a great idea! I had never thought about having them bid on things from Ebay. That's great!

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