Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Homemade Birthdays: Crafts

We have a lot of fun with birthday parties around here. We spend time together planning them and try to be as creative as we can making and using what we have on hand to put them together. We often try to come up with a birthday craft.

There were sherriff badges for the cowgirl party, wooden boats for the detective party, maracas for the music party, made up creations for the science center, telescopes for the movie party (pirates), and ...

For the upcycled craft party, there was brown craft paper spread on the table. The guest made pictures and signed their names for a keepsake for the birthday girl.

For the birthday tea, there were crepe paper flowers.

 For the farm party, the kids made magnets of farm animals.
For the princess party, they made sand art in castles.
Sand Castles
 For the dress up party, they used dressed up candy (sand) to make candy sticks.
Edible Sand
For the construction party, they colored pictures.

Coloring Page
For the Native American museum party, they made head bands.
Native American Head Band
For the ducky party, they made duck visors.
Ducky Visors

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