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Math Mammoth: Light Blue 4th Grade {A Review}

Math Mammoth sent us the download for their Math Mammoth Grade 4 Complete Curriculum from the light blue seriesIn this series, there are different grade levels (1-6) to choose between for a complete curriculum. I received the full set for grade 4 ($34.00; sections can be bought separately) from their light blue series as a download. The download comes in color, but we printed ours in gray scale without losing any of the important components.

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The complete curriculum for fourth grade focuses on addition, subtraction, patterns, graphs, large numbers, place value, division, fractions, geometry, and decimals. It includes worksheets with strategy instruction, cumulative reviews, a worksheet maker, helpful internet resource lists, and lots of test options with answer keys (chapter and cumulative).

Ceesa working on a game suggestion.

How we used it
After reading the frequently asked questions section from the Math Mammoth website, we followed the suggestion of typical pages to cover in a day. We averaged 2 pages a day. Ceesa's strong suit is not math, so I would go over the strategies introduced and we would do one or two together so I could be sure that she understood. With the strategies presented on every page, it made it easy for us to see how we were to use the strategy and build on it. Because of this there was no real teacher/Momma prep. We would just dive in and get started.

What did Ceesa liked 
She really liked using the different strategies to complete her problems. Each strategy/concept/problem is taught right there on the page. It seemed to make it easier for her to understand how the problems actually worked. Ceesa said, "I liked learning how to add a whole lot of numbers."

What I liked or specific things the curriculum asked
I love the way this program provides strategies, word problems, practice, mental math, and games. It really helps to cement difficult concepts to get to practice in a variety of ways.

Many of the word problems combine a couple of operations to solve them. This requires a deeper level of thinking and I really appreciate the real world problems. Ceesa was used to doing word problems that only asked her to do one thing. The first couple threw her off, but she quickly learned that she would be required to do more to solve the problems.

Future Plan
This is the curriculum that we plan to use when we start the next school year. It is just what I've been looking to find.

Where to Start
There are lots of options to choose from in their various math series selections. I would check those out to find the best choice for your family...

Light Blue is a complete curriculum series.  It is available for first through sixth grade and the one we've reviewed and recommend.

Blue is worktexts for a variety of topics grades 1 through 8. 

Gold has worksheets only for third grade through Algebra 1.

Green has specific topics from grades 3 to 8. 

MIRL (Make It Real Learning) ebooks are for third through high school. They include real-life scenarios, all relating to a specific math topic. 

To help you make a decision you can check out the sample pages and free placement test (designed as an end of the year assessment).

Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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