Saturday, May 03, 2014

Homemade Cereal Box Journals

I'm not a pack rat by any means. No one could do a show based on the amount of things in my home, but I don't like waste. We recycle and compost and upcycle. We even posted an upcycle art challenge a couple of years ago.

Well, a great project is to make journals from cereal boxes.

I started by cutting out the large sections from the box.

I made 4 of them by cutting those in half.
Next time, I will leave them whole for larger journals.

Then I cut thin strips of leftover scrapbook paper to cover the edges.

I used my sticker maker to put those on.

Then I covered the print from the box with more paper.

I cut blank paper to fit in the journal, punched 2 holes in the folded edge of the paper and the cover, and strung embroidery floss through the holes. Then I knotted it and left some at the end to make a tassel.

Then I made stickers for the front.

I made one for each of the kids and tucked them into their Easter kits

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