Sunday, June 01, 2014

Of Rocks and Minerals

The kids love collecting rocks,
all kinds of rocks.

It must run in our family, 
my grandma collects heart shaped rocks
for a friend of hers.

After we completed our Supercharged Science Review,
we began looking at the mineralogy experiments in Unit 20: Earth Science.

We have a huge collection of rock and mineral samples. I have purchased some and we've found many. 

We've used a combination of those to do some of the lessons. 

We've completed the color streak test, Mohs' hardness scale, Cleavage and fracture, and the acid test.

There are a lot more to dig into. There's even a recipe for rock candy.

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Anonymous said...

I have not yet successfully made an ongoing rock collection with the children as they always seem to disappear, but I remember my Dad had one, and I loved looking at them.
Love Mrs Yub

Bethany said...

Our kids do love rocks!

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