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Composer Study: Hildegard von Bingen

We are studying Hildegard von Bingen this term. She lived 1098-1179. 
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"Hildegard von Bingen (Hildegard of Bingen) was a German nun who established her own convent, and was famous for her prophecies and miracles. In addition to writing poetry, she wrote books about religion and medicine – and she composed music. Only 77 songs of hers remain after all these years." ~Classics for Kids

We are studying:

Antiphon, O quam mirabilis est (how wondrous is the presence of the divine heart that foreknew every creature)

O how marvelous is
the foreknowing in the divinity’s heart,
that foreknew every created thing.
For when God looked
upon the face of the human he had formed
he saw the fullness
of all his works
in that same human form.
O how marvelous is the breath
that brought humankind to life!

O ignis spiritus paracliti (O fire of the spirit, the comforter; a chant for pentecost)

O spirit of fire, bringer of comfort,
life of the life of every creature,
you are holy, giving life to forms.
You are holy,
anointing those perilously broken;
you are holy,
cleansing festering wounds.
O breath of holiness,
o fire of love,
o sweet savor in our breasts,
infusing hearts with the scent of virtue.
O clearest fountain,
in which we see
how God gathers the alienated
and finds the lost.
O breastplate of life
and hope of the whole human body,
o belt of honor:
save the fortunate.
Guard those imprisoned by the enemy
and free those who are bound
whom the divine power wishes to save.
O mightiest course
that has penetrated all things,
in the heavens and on earth
and in every abyss –
you reconcile and draw all humanity together.
From you clouds flow, wind flies,
stones produce moisture,
water flows in streams,
and the earth exudes living greenness.
You are always teaching the learned,
who, through wisdom’s inspiration,
are made joyful.
Whence praise be to you,
who are the sound of praise,
the joy of life,
the hope and greatest honor,
granting the prize of light.

Et imago (The fiery spirit) ~from the Grooveshark Playlist below

And again I heard a voice from heaven
instructing me thus. And it said:
Write therefore what I tell you in this manner.
And I saw as amid the airs of the South
in the mystery of God a beautiful and marvelous
image of a human figure;
her face was of such beauty and brightness
that I could more easily have stared at the sun.
On her head she had
a broad band of gold.
The figure spoke:
I am the supreme fire and energy.
I have kindled all the sparks of the living,
and I have breathed out no mortal things,
for I judge them as they are.
I have properly ordained the cosmos,
flying about the circling circle
with my upper wings,
that is with wisdom.
I am the fiery life of divine substance,
I blaze above the beauty of the fields,
I shine in the waters,
I burn in the sun, moon and stars.

Hymn O ignee spiritus (Hymn, for Holy spirit)

O fiery spirit, praise be to you
who play on the timbrel and lyre.
The minds of men take fire from you,
and the tabernacles of their souls
restrain their powers,
whence the will rises up
and gives savor to the soul;
and its lamp is desire.
With sweetest sound the intellect
calls upon you and makes a place
for you with reason,
which brings forth works of gold.
But you always hold a sword
to cut off
what the poisoned apple
produces through blackest murder.
When clouds darken the will
and its desires,
then the soul flies about
and circles everywhere.
But the mind is the bond of the will and of desire.
And when the soul rises up
to look into the eye of evil
and the jaws of wickedness,
you quickly consume it
with fire as you will.
But when reason
falls prostrate through evil,
you restrain it through your power
and strangle and smash it
through a flood of experiences.
And when evil draws its sword upon you,
you shatter it in its own heart,
as in the beginning you did to the lost angel,
hurling the tower of his pride
down into hell.
And there you raised another tower
in publicans and sinners
who confess to you the sinfulness of their works.
Whence all creatures
who have life from you praise you,
because you are the most precious ointment
for broken and fetid wounds,
which you change into most precious jewels.
Now deign to gather us all to you
and guide us on the right path. Amen.

Vision 4 "Love": Et audivi vocem (Rev 14:13 and I heard a voice from heaven say write. . .) 

In a true vision of the spirit in a waking state,
I saw the likeness of a beautiful girl
shining with a splendour so bright
that I could not look upon her properly.
She had a cloak whiter than snow
and brighter than a star.
And she had in her right hand the sun and the moon,
gently embracing them.
And I heard a voice saying these things to me.
The girl you see is Love,
who has her dwelling in eternity.
For when God wanted to create the world,
he inclined himself in the sweetest affection,
and foresaw all things necessary,
just as a father provides an inheritance for his son;
and in this way he ordered all his works
in a great burning fire of love.
Then every creature in every species
and form acknowledged its creator,
for in the beginning Love was the base matter
from which all creatures came.
And God said ‘Let it be done’, and it was done,
for every creature was made through Love
in the twinkling of an eye

Antiphon Caritas habundant in omnia (Love abounds in all)

Love flows down to all things,
most exalted from the depths up to the stars,
and most loving toward all,
for she gave the highest king the kiss of peace.

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