Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How to Homeschool Joyfully all Through Autumn

When I think of Autumn, squeezing every last second of color and light and energy before being tucked in cozy in front of the fire with a white blanket of snow covering the ground comes to mind. While mittens and pumpkins and hot apple cider and jeans and flannels and campfires and hot dog roasts all come with Autumn, our homeschool has many rich, vibrant days of learning.

So it is no wonder why our family spends so much of our time outside soaking in the remaining warmth with lots of field trips and nature studies. 
Autumn Homeschool Studies
Here are some of the studies and field trips we've worked on in Autumn:

Nature Studies
Cabbage Whites
Painted Lady
Pearl Crescent
Puffball Mushrooms
Sunflowers and Golden Rod Soldier Beetle
False Potato Beetle
Eastern Swallowtail Butterfly
Chestnut Tree
Praying Mantis 
Golden Rod
Oak Tree
Field Trips
Pumpkin Farm
Dairy Farm
Glass Museum
Renaissance Festival
Bridge of Dreams Hike
Indian Mounds
Scavenger Hunt
Fire Station
New Harmonies
Ice Cream Factory
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