Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nature Study: Bee Study

As the days of fall are fading into winter, we have finished a study on bees. Here's what we've learned:
Bees have a perfect government within their community.

The queen, drones, and workers all have special jobs and are different sizes with different parts base on those jobs.

The queen is the largest and has a long pointed body. She starts as and ordinary egg, but is selected for special development.
She is given an apartment cell (with partitions down and a projection over the top).
When she hatches into a grub, she is given food like the workers for 5 days and then she is feed "royal jelly."

She weaves a cocoon around herself and the workers seal her cell with wax. When she's a queen, she cuts herself out, find s the current queen and destroys her and any other princesses she finds.

Then she goes on her marriage flight with a drone. She lays her eggs at 6 per minute and sometimes 2,000a day by gluing the eggs to the bottom of the cell.

The queen will constantly try to kill new princesses. If the other bees stop her, she will leave the hive and take a swarm with her.

The drone has no pollen baskets  and no sting, his job is tot mate with the queen. When honey supplies run low he is driven from the hive to die of starvation.
The worker builds cells and gathers pollen to make honey. He has a sting, pollen baskets and jaws folded across like hooks and a sucking tube.

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