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The Brinkman Adventures {Review}

The Brinkman Adventures sent us The Brinkman Adventures: Season 3 to review. The series is based on the missionary adventures of the Brinkman family along with other missionary stories. The audio dramas are based on real events with some fictional elements, you can read about the actual stories on their website. Although names are changed, the actual folks play themselves.

The Season 3 Adventures include 12 episodes that are about 25 minutes each:

  • God's Mule-is about Tomas a Bible smuggler and when we took Bibles into Bishmar
  • Mountain Mover-continues the story of Tomas and his interrogation.
  • The Silent Ambassador-is about Esther, a girl that was afraid to talk in front of people and how she was able to overcome her fear.
  • Translating Trouble-is about Bible translators with help from a man from that country.
  • Man-Up-is about how a boy saves a man after he gets hypothermia from falling through ice into a river.
  • Acorn & Oaks-is about how no matter how old or young you are, you can still spread the gospel and reach people for God.
  • A Saint's Story Part 1 and 2-tells about the story of Nate Saint and his son Steve.
  • Untouched-is about how Kyle learns the truth of the message of Christ.
  • Busy Bees and a Bullhorn-is about a family that works through some difficult problems with discipline and obedience.
  • Missionary Tourist Part 1 and 2-is about a dangerous mission that had my girls in tears and listening with prayerful hearts.

How we Used the Cds
Ceesa and Jo-Jo were bored one afternoon on a Saturday. It was raining and they really needed something to do. So I pulled out our cds and said, "You can listen to these." With a couple of shrugs they headed to the television to put them in. I didn't see them for quite a while. I called for them for dinner and I immediately got a..." Can we listen to more after dinner?"

When they only had the last story remaining, we took the cd with us for running to their baking club and then home again. It was pretty dramatic and the kids were on the edge of their seats. I have to admit I was pretty interested in listening to what was going to happen as well.

Ceesa's Experience
Ceesa was very impressed by the adventures. She reported that she was glad that they were audio cds because the stories were told so vividly that she could imagine the story in her head the way that she wanted to imagine it. She says, "I liked them because they had lots of exciting adventures. My favorite was "Man-Up" because it was a kid my age and he saved a grown man. "Missionary Tourist" part 1 and 2 was so exciting I was going crazy with suspense."

"I will remember that even when you are young you can do a big thing. I would recommend it for everybody, so that they can see what God has done!"

She also has mentioned how much she likes Ian's character. She says, "I think Ian would make a good friend."

Ceesa on the website reading the stories.

Jo-Jo's Experience
After the girls finished listening to all of the CDs, Jo-Jo came to me later that night with tears in her eyes. When I asked her what was making her cry, she replied, "It's the Brinkman Adventures. These stories have really shown me how God can influence our lives. Before when I prayed, I was wanting to hurry and eat or do my schoolwork or play. Now I know that prayer really is important and changes things."

She has since mentioned, "The Brinkman adventures were so great that we listened to them all in 3 days and have continued to listen to them over and over again. Even after listening to it again and again, it is still exciting."

My Thoughts
I really am impressed with how Jo-Jo responded to the stories. Whenever one of the children learns a profound lesson from something, I am thankful. And I am very thankful for this opportunity to review The Brinkman Adventures.

We'd recommend these for the whole family, but some of the stories are rather intense. You may want to preview before everyone listens. Li was talking about one of the stories at bedtime and seemed rather scared.

These will be going on our list for special gifts for the girls for Christmas, Birthdays, and camping trips.

Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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