Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Year in Review 2015

This year of 2015 has been a roller coaster ride in some ways for our family. There have been times of sorrow that brought me to my knees and times of frustration that still has left me shaking my head, but through it all the Lord has been faithful and his blessings abound. My heart is still a bit tender, but I have found solace drawing close to the Father in prayer. And I'm so thankful for my husband and children, what priceless gifts they are to me.

We started out the year with a winter penguin party and shared lots of our Christmas projects: DIY A-Frame play tents, Valentine's heart stamp, a family fun basket for Valentine's Day, PVC pipe play house, homemade stationary kit, DIY baking and cooking kit, Saint Patrick's Day Tea, Keepsake Bracelets, cookie recipe, and missionary pot, and a DIY science kit.

During the spring, we started working on Herb Fairies for the first time and have learned so much. We shared our ideas for Missions box Monday, spring nature notebooks, world water day, What is the Bible, and having a spa party. In May, we had our end of school celebration with Kiwi Crates.

We had a very busy summer with lots of fun: camping trips, picnics, fishing excursions, vegetable gardening, fairy gardening, garden party, stops for ice cream, made chocolate dipped strawberry popsicles, cloud watching, jump rope rhymes, made new games, played with water guns, set up the pool, made kool-aid candy, painted the sidewalk, made paper dolls, made a water blob, tried out a worm call, made fudgesicles, made foldout booklets, spent time exploring streams, caves, rocks, and trees, did a breathing glass jar experiment, went on a scavenger hunt, went spelunking, colored daisies, went on nature hikes, visited waterfalls, camping, barn dancing, made outdoor towns, played in the sprinkler, created land art, played with water balloons, went on a zoo tour, made sidewalk masterpieces, took archery, and played with bubbles.

In the autumn, we had an Under the Sea party and shared our cake, decorations, octopus suckers, and menu; including a watermelon shark, giant squid pepper, and cucumber orca. Ceesa and Jo-Jo were in a Bed Bug play and we went to a Safari park.

We learned about Louis Bromfield, Egypt, Dickens and the Victoria era, pioneer days, World History, biomechanical hands, gliders, Mayans, zoology, folk songs, conifer nature study, snow, catapults, volcanoes, and so much more.

We were busy with projects...editing for Heroes, Heroines and Tales of Ancient History, Egypt, chalk pastels, modeling, experiments, cooking, drawing, cloth art, homeschool exams, learning new games, making corn husk dolls, homemade Christmas cards, and cookie tree bags to name a few.

And at the close of 2015. we rang in a brand new Unit Study on Fashion.

We reviewed some great products this year. We had a blast, learning in new ways together with new items. We found some new favorites, too; like, Tinker Crate, Kwik Stix, Wonky and Tapple, Orphs of the Woodlands, Brinkman Adventures, Maestro Classics, and Cursive Logic.

Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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Phyllis said...

It has been lovely seeing all that you do. I am sorry that the year has been difficult. Perhaps next year will be better.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

In quick review on paper (or screen) it still comes off as a very good year!

Bethany said...

I blog about a lot of it, but there is so much more that I don't always have time to tell about. The year definitely had many blessings.

Bethany said...

Thanks Phyllis, whatever lies ahead I know The Lord will be faithful. :)

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