Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Jeff & Paige~Mighty Wolf~Science, Nature, Ecology, & Music CD {Review}

We were sent the newly released Jeff & Paige~Mighty Wolf~Science, Nature, Ecology, & Music CD designed for ages 3-8 to review. This is the 5th CD by Jeff and third that includes Paige. It can be purchased as a CD or as a download (for individual titles or the entire CD). Jeff & Paige perform for schools, birthday parties, community events, and a summer environmental education program (since 2005) in Colorado.

Jeff & Paige~Mighty Wolf is just over 50 minutes of audio on CD that includes 23 tracks with short speaking segments (most are just under a minute) and music. The newest addition is the introduction of their new baby, Wolf. The music titles include: Mighty Wolf, Triple Rainbow, Aphid Banquet for Two, Black Widow, Beaver, Dead and Delicious, Ungulate, Grandma Gatewood, Lightning, The Arctic's Freezing, That's Not the Way, and The Great Monarch Migration.

The CD is focused on:

  • keystone species
  • insect migration
  • arctic adaptations
  • ungulates
  • Appalachian Trial
  • lightning safety
  • nature appreciation
  • ladybug ecology
  • spider anatomy
  • scavengers

Jeff & Paige go about having everyday nature experiences hiking, in the garden, experiencing weather, riding in the car, and being in the outdoors. Throughout the speaking segments, the insects and animals talk to Jeff & Paige to give them more information.

Our Experience
We spend a lot of time outside. Everyday, rain or shine, the kids go out, even if it is just for 30 minutes. Sometimes they just head out to play and explore, they trekk to our woods and climb trees and build forts or plant something or play in the fairy garden or ride their bikes or just run crazy. Other times, we plan a field trip hiking or discovering or to work on a nature study project. Since the beginning of this school year, we've studied cardinals, bats, thistles, caterpillars, and moths, not to mention the herbs calendula, marshmallow, burdock, and pine. We love nature.

When we received the CD, we listened to it together. The girls were working on another project and listened a bit as the boys listened. Wheel was bouncing and wiggling to the music.

After reading about the summer environmental education program, I wish we lived close to them, so that we could go. I especially love how the program combines their music with the hike and that they hike the same trail watching the changes in the seasons.

To help the kids sing along, I'd really love to have a copy of the lyrics available with the purchase of the music. We'd be able to sing along much quicker.

Being the homeschool family that we are, I would really like to see some kind of curriculum pack to go along with the CD. A section with tips for getting into the outdoors and ways to be friendly to the environment centered around the topics of the CD's would also be very helpful for homeschool families.

I would also be interested in them creating something for older children.


I recommend that you check out samples of the songs and see videos that Jeff & Paige have put together to decide how their work fits with your family.

Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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