Monday, February 15, 2016

Homeschool Fashion Study: Seasonal Colors

When it comes to fashion, there are just some colors that go with the seasons. Colors that are naturally seen during that time of year just have a flawless fit. This week we are going to look at the colors that match the season.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. ~Ecclesiastes 3:1

Colors that go with summer are vibrant and vivid; think pool water aqua, the flash of flowers, watermelon, sunsets,beaches, and berries. Some colors that go great with summer are navy blue, white, cream, dark teal, coral and pinkish coral, jewel tones (ruby, amethyst, sapphire, emerald), neutrals and faded hues, soldier blue, periwinkle blue, fresh greens, sunlight yellow, and splashes of hot pink.

Look around on a crisp autumn day and you'll see beautiful leaves of all colors, muted greens, and rusty browns. Autumn colors include plum, rust, burgundy, light grey, red, mustard yellow, mauve, nautical blue, taupe, orange, browns, dark green, and golds.

Winter includes icy colors like all shades of aqua and teal, whites, creams, and light blue. Reds, forest greens, dark grays, midnight blues, and mauves go with winter, too.

The pale shades belong to spring...light pink, pale rose, lilac, bluish gray, pale blue, spring yellow, new green, light teal, and peach.

One of the things I like to do is go through my clothes at the beginning of a new season and put the clothes that match the colors of that particular season in the front. Then I make outfits that go together based on those colors. Since I only purchase clothes that are in my complexion's season, I can easily grab the things that match my complexion for each time of year.

Now on to the fashion show...

This outfit of mine is really flexible. I've taken this picture with just the basics, but with a few changes I can make this outfit work for many different evening runs. It is just a simple gray shark bite shirt with black yoga pants. But I was super thankful for this outfit when we had to make an sudden visit to the emergency room one evening.

Depending on where you need to go you could throw on an assortment of, flats, cheetah or zebra heels. Then a scarf in a seasonal color or one that looks great with your complexion and you are ready to go. I have worn this to ladies' devotions, club meetings for the girls, Bible study, the emergency room, and to pick up dinner. Plain maybe, but perfect for dressing up in any way you need to on short notice especially.

Ceesa has on a dress we were given as a hand-me-down and a scarf that was made as a Christmas present for me. Seasonally, I think this outfit would be perfect for autumn. There is something about the shimmery yarn in the scarf that looks lovely with her hair.

Ceesa has worn this to church and out to dinner with friends.

Jo-Jo's outfit is composed of hand-me-downs and a scarf I finger knitted. I think it would be extra nice for the transition between fall and winter.

She could wear this just about anywhere we go from dinner to bowling and be comfortable.

Portfolio Assignment: Make your own season cards for your portfolio.

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