Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Our Experience and Review of Tinker Crate: Paper Circuits

Did you know that Kiwi Crate offers individual boxes in their shop? Whenever you purchase one, they get stored in your account, so that you are never sent a duplicate one in your subscription. (We have a special referral link to Kiwi Crate, by clicking any of the Kiwi Crate company links below, you will be clicking that link. And right now, you'll received a $10 off bonus by using our link!!). Kiwi Crate offers 4 types of crates: Tinker Crates, Doodle Crates, Kiwi Crates, and Koala Crates. The kits are available as a monthly subscription with options for purchasing one box at a time, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. 

Ceesa recently worked on their Paper Circuit Tinker CrateTinker Crates are science kits that are designed for ages 9-14+. They contain a Tinker Zine (version of a magazine that provides lots of information on the topic, directions for projects and resource lists for the topic of each kit which includes a video for how to construct or complete the project that is included), blue prints, and materials for projects. There is generally one large project and then other smaller projects or experiments included. Occasionally there is an extra that lets you use materials around your house to experiment.

Ceesa started out by reading the information up to the first project in her TinkerZine.

She moved pepper around with static from a straw.

She used her sisters hair to create static on a balloon.

Then she used the balloon to pick up tissue paper.

And even stuck the balloon to the ceiling.

She used the static to push a stream of water.

Then she created paper circuits with copper tape.

By using the copper tape, LEDs, and a 9-volt battery, she created paper robot with glowing eyes.

Next she made her own paper circuit. She drew a lighthouse and then some copper tape.

She wanted just one light at the top of the lighthouse, so the 9-volt was too strong. We used one of our own battery packs that hold 2 AA batteries.

Her next project was to create lanterns.

To begin she watched the video,

and set up the bases for each of the shapes.

Then she folded the lanterns into the proper shapes and set them on the bases.

She connected her 9-volt to each base and had lanterns.

With some of the remaining materials, she created her own lantern.

Attached it to a base,

and made it glow.

I love that she continues on with projects and that she is inspired to try new things for herself.

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Annette said...

these crates look great! I think I'll get my boy a three month subscription and see what he thinks. if he likes it.. then I'll get a year for him.

Bethany said...

I think the tinker crates are our favorites too! Have fun with your subscription!

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