Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Our Experience and Review of HelloFresh Meal Delivery Service Take 2

We tried HelloFresh earlier this year to go along with our study of homemaking skills. When we were offered a great discount to try it again, we jump on the chance. This subscription is definitely too expensive for our family to use every week. But once and awhile it is a fun activity for the girls.

The Details

Three meals are sent out each week and there are three boxes to choose from:

  1. Classic for omnivores  for 2 $9.90  per person or $69 a box
  2. Veggie for herbivores for 2 is $9.08 per person or $59 a box
  3. Family of 4 $8.75 per person for $105 a box

Each meal has the food required to make it (some basics are required from your kitchen...butter and oil for example). The food comes packed with ice packs in an insulated bag.

Recipes for all three meals are included and have step-by-step directions with photographs to illustrate.  Generally these come in nice cards, this time around our recipes were on computer print outs. We found that the titles for each step of the directions were confusing for the girls when working on the recipes with our first box, so we just crossed out the titles. We also previously discovered that the difficulty levels don't really match for the girls, so we paid little heed to those and worked together to make everything. For the most part, I would read each step and assign part of that to the girls.  Nurtrician information is included on the side of the box.

You choose the date for delivery Tuesday-Saturday (It is set to arrive 8AM-8PM).

You can cancel or suspend by clicking in your profile, but be sure to cancel before the deadline or you will get sent an extra week (happened to us after this order, which made the deal good, but not as great as we were planning).

You can give it a try using our referral code. Right now you'll receive your first box and second box for $25 off! Yay! Our HelloFresh Referrel code is 8v82WV.

In Each Box
Each meal comes in its own box or set of boxes with the exception of meats. Meats are packed separately. Boxes are labeled with the name of the recipe. Inside an individual box, you'll find pouches and bags with grains, seasonings, and fresh produce.

Our Experience with our Second Box
We ordered a box for a family of 4. While we are a family of 6, we found that it still worked for us since we have a youngish family.

The first meal we made was Thai Beef Satay with Crispy Broccoli, Peanut Sauce, and Jasmine Rice. A neat thing about trying out a delivery service like this is that you get to try things you normally would not have experience eating. For this recipe, jasmine rice was our new food. I thought it was fragrant if that is possible. I've never roasted the broccoli before and it was wonderful.

This was the families favorite meal from this box. No one ate much of the peanut sauce or many of the limes, but everything else was eaten entirely.

The next meal that we made was Bone-In Pork Chops with Roasted Pears, Collards, and Shallot Cream Sauce. We chose to make this meal next because the collards were looking rather sad and we wanted to use them before they went bad.

There is also a mistake somewhere in the recipe because we ended up with something a little different than is pictured.

The pears are roasted and they make an excellent side dish. We've had them roasted for a dessert recipe before, but never as a side. Overall this meal was yummy; however, the pork was a bit bland as it was not seasoned with anything other than salt and pepper.

The final meal was Crispy Chicken Parmigiana Salad with Potatoes and Spinach. After serving everyone, I found there was a lot of spinach left over. I froze it and tossed it in a soup a week later.

We really liked the crispy Parmesan topping for the chicken.

This was another good meal for our family.

Overall, I feel like the girls have had some valuable cooking experience and we always enjoy trying out new foods. We found the meals much more to our liking this time around.

Remember if you want to give HelloFresh a try use our referral code. Our HelloFresh Referrel code is 8v82WV. If you want to try out any of these recipes for yourself, there is an archive section on the HelloFresh website where you can find them.

Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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