Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Our Experience and Review of Kiwi Crate: Wonders of Water

Have you noticed that we really enjoy the crates from the Kiwi Crate company? Li recently worked on Wonders of Water from Kiwi Crate (We have a special referral link to Kiwi Crate, by clicking any of the Kiwi Crate company links below, you will be clicking that link.). Kiwi Crates are kits that are designed for ages 3-8. They contain two main projects with directions and materials. There are generally additional smaller projects with some materials provided and to use with materials around your house to experiment.

Kiwi Crate offers 4 types of crates: Tinker Crates, Doodle Crates, Kiwi Crates, and Koala Crates. The kits are available as a monthly subscription with options for purchasing one box at a time, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. 

The Wonders of Water crate's two main projects are for my sailing boat and my watercolor animals. There are also activities to test out water evaporation, floating and sinking, clay boats, color and water mixing, and color blending.

Materials included:

  • 8 markers
  • puff paint
  • spray bottle
  • google eyes
  • plastic cup
  • foam boat form
  • mast papers
  • wooden paddles
  • my mess mat
  • coffee filter water animal cut outs
  • sticker
  • paper puppets
  • direction booklets

Li started out by making his boat. Jo-Jo worked with him and read the directions to him as well.

The assembly posed no trouble for the two of them.

He opted to leave his unpainted, although paint for the sail was included.

Then it was off to float his boat in the tub.

He worked on his second project with Poppa. He laid his sea creatures out on his mess mat one at a time.

Then he used his markers to color on the animals.

They transferred the creatures over to a glass plate and sprayed them with water so the colors could run.

Once sprayed they were set on paper towels to dry.

On the extra pieces of paper, he cut out a couple of his own.

When they dried, it was time to attach the googly eyes.

I have several sea creatures covering my refrigerator.

Giant squid are a pretty popular creature around here.

Next Li and I put some water in a cup.

He used his markers to make a line on a piece of the coffee filter paper in about the middle.

We folded the paper just on one side of the line and dipped an end into the water.

As we watched, the colors ran.

Next, we did some color mixing. By making two circles side by side and using our spray bottle we watched the colors spread together.

We put our paper on a glass plate and Li sprayed them.

We tried rectangles as well as circles.

We found the best color mixing happened; however, when we put one color on top of another.

We drew a line with a permanent marker on the side of our plastic cup. Then filled it with water.

We watched the water begin to evaporate. After several days passed, the cup became completely empty.

Jo-Jo and Li also put water droplets on a penny and counted how many they could get the penny to hold until it would spill over.

Then Li worked on some floating and sinking with clay. The ball of clay sunk.

Then he made a boat.

The boat not only floated but could hold a passenger with his money.

And just when you think the fun would end, there is still the box and...

the sticker.

And the paper puppets...

And yet another piece of box...

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