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Year 8, Term 1 Exam: Homeschool Exams and Tests for Eighth Grade

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Here are copies of our exams: Example Exams and Daily Schedule

How we create our exam questions: Creating Exam Questions

Year 8, Term 1 Exam

Science: Natural History, Experiments, Nature Study: Action (Drama, Movement, Change) with creative expression (handicraft, recycled material project, diorama, cooking, land art, or art media: collage, paint, mold, chalk, pencil)

Considering what you’ve studied for nature study and science, create a series of pieces that demonstrate your understanding of the changes that occur throughout your subject using one of the above creative ideas. Something to consider is the type of change that occurs (physical, geographic) and some questions to guide you are: What part does the subject have in the changes? Is the subject doing the changing or is the change or event happening to the subject? How does your subject influence things around it? Can you explain the relationship between your subject and other things?

Some of the subjects that you have studied include: constellations, moon phases, autumn, candles, microscopic elements, leeches, mussels, water striders, moss, naiads, willow trees, and blue gill.

Bible & Service: readings, hymn: The Greater Meaning with oral expression (presentation: Defend, Persuade, judge, compare/contrast, inform, narration)

It is important that your beliefs are your own. You need to understand your relationship with God and the impact of Christ on your life. Write a presentation, giving three logical arguments to defend your faith.

Think about how your faith impacts your life, what the real meaning of the story is, how your faith effects your human condition, what the relationship between you and God means, and what influence your faith has on your life.

Music: composer, folk song, hymn, instrument & SS: Government, Citizenship, History, geography: Mood with movement (play, puppet show, music, dance, video (still, animated, silent, movie)

There are times in history that I really wouldn’t have wanted to see and others that I would have been glad to witness.

Chose from any of the following: Martin Luther's career and the Diet at Worms, the disagreement between King Henry VIII and Sir Thomas More, the reign of Queen Mary, the Spanish Armada, and the compositions of Dvorak.

Create something from the list above that describes the events or people and the mood, how people felt during the time, how it would have made you feel to be there.

Art: artist, technique & Literature, poetry, and additional reading & SS: Government, Citizenship, History, geography: View point with written expression (narration, proposal, biography, persuade, problem/solution, instructions, list, poetry, composition)

Create a composition that addresses a piece that you have studied this term. Choose to answer one or more of the following: How does someone else in the story feel about the events? Why should we or shouldn’t we see and feel things the same way they are being portrayed? How did one’s actions influence the story? What are/were the consequences? Can you explain what must have happened when certain events occurred? What were some of the motives behind a character’s choice?

You can choose from the "Moralities" in Everyman, a scene from Westward Ho!, Una and the Red Cross Knight, Utopia, or Van Gogh and how one of his pieces reflects his life.

SS: Government, Citizenship, History, geography: Background with visual expression (diagrams, blow-outs, maps, graphic organizers, chart, poster, pamphlet)

New horizons were opened up for Europe with exploration. Columbus’ discovery not only opened up a whole new world literally, but in terms of an age of discovery as well. Create an advertising campaign for any of these: being recruited for Drake’s crew or to fight the Spanish Armada, navigation by sea, map making, Great Britain, or the new world using one of the visuals above.

SS: Government, Citizenship, History, geography: Characterization with analytical expression (game, puzzle, crossword, word search, code)

Queen Elizabeth lived in a time where there were remarkable people. They thought, wrote, and did amazing things. Coming up with seven famous men or women of the days of "Great Elizabeth" develop something from the list above that provides us with information about their lives.

You can include facts about what they wrote, what they did, what influence they had on those around them, what relationships they built, what were the consequences of their choices, and what is unique about them.

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