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Autumn Adventures: Things to do in the Fall

There's just something about autumn...the fall colors, the warming spicy smells, the crips air, the layers of clothes. And there is nothing quite like the sun shining through the leaves as they change to yellows, oranges, and reds. It's the perfect season to get out and enjoy! 

Picture of fall scenes with words Joyful Autumn

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    1. Walk through the autumn foliage
        There's something about the smell of the leaves and the crackling they make when you walk through them. And you can do it anywhere. You can go on a hike in a wooded area or even just walk along a tree lined sidewalk.
    A person walking across a small footbride in autumn

    2. Have a bonfire
        Bundle up in that chunky scarf and wear your beanie. Sit back and relax, enjoying the popping of the fire.
    Fire burning in a fire pit

    3. Go to a farm and do a corn maze
        What can replace the fun of getting utterly lost in a corn maze?!? Just follow my strategy when you are hopelessly stuck inside. Follow all of the right turns, you'll eventually make your way out!

    4. Go apple picking
        On one of the last few warm days, apple picking is a gloriously wonderful activity. For our family of six, we picked a bushel and had no trouble picking them or getting them eaten either. Apples taste so much better straight from the tree!
    Apple on a tree

    5. Go to zoo 
        One of my favorite adventure memories is taking the kids to an afterhours twilight tour of the zoo. We rode around on a golf cart and had a private tour. You can see that here: Our Afterhours Zoo Tour! Autumn is a great time to make a trip to the zoo. The animals aren't fighting the heat and are more active.
    Cheetah laying in grass

    6. Take a boat or train ride
        Sit back relax and take in all of the changing leaves. If you take a train ride, I'd recommend one with the finest class seating. It may be a splurge, but we've found the other seats are not near as pleasant. 

    7. Take a fall leaf tour
        Many communities put on a farm and foliage tour. It is a great opportunity to spend the day out and about visiting local farms and business. When we went, we discovered a small train station that we didn't know existed and we enjoyed, hayrides, archery, and a historic church visit. In addition, we visited farms with lots of different animals.
    Small Train on a track going over bridge

    8. Do a fair or festival
        My grandpa was on the fair board in my hometown from as long as I can remember until after I graduated high school. And for longer than that I knew just where to find him and my grandma. He would be around the cow barns and she would be at one of the high school food stands. We went to the fair every year and it remains a special fall treat for my family.
    Boy eating a cotton candy bigger than his face

    9. Go on a scavenger hunt
        You can make up your own hunt, find one online, or even get more sophisticated with geocaching or letterboxing.

    10. Take a day trip to some place new
        This can be as simple or as elaborate as you'd like. You could visit a farmer's market and pick up some local produce and flowers, hit a coffee shop, and then head to a book store. Or it could be more elaborate and end with a dinner in an igloo at a fancy restaurant. Or check out a local farm to see the animals and then head off to a pumpkin patch to pick one or two.

    alpacas in a barn

    11. Spend an evening by a cozy fire   
       If you don't have a place for an indoor fire at your home, see if you can find a local bookstore, lodge lobby, or coffee shop with comfy couches and a fire to gaze into.    
    12. Stargaze
        We have a bit of a tradition that involves the backyard deck, loads of blankets and pillows, and the night sky. Most recently, we all snuggled into blankets and watched the stars cuddling. The kids took turns telling constellation stories. By the end, it was a complete giggle fest. Li started quacking, "Silent Night."

    13. Make something from a gourd
        You could make a bird house, a cup, a bowl, a vase. The possibilities are endless!
    14. Jump in a leaf pile
        Make it good and high and jump in!

    15. Go on a full moon owl hike
        If you have young kids, you can read the book Owl Moon before you head out. If you have older kids, you can learn how to make the owl's call and see if you can attract some. 

    16. Take photos of leaves 
        It never ceases to amaze me how many different colors and patterns you can find on leaves.
    leaves on a marble counter

    17. Hang upside down from a tree branch
        You know for nostalgia's sake, only do hold on and pick a branch that is larger than your leg (the rule for climbing around here!).

    18. Sit in a tree fort & listen to the leaves
        If you don't have a fort, you could find a local tree with a low hanging branch and sit there. I discovered a few years ago that leaves make tiny popping noises when they separate from their branches. See if you can hear them!

    19. Collect nuts & do a fall craft
    acorns on a marble counter

    Don't miss any of the good weather that's left! Want a fun printable to hang up?

    What to do in Autumn checklist

    You can print the pdf by clicking the link here: Autumn Adventures!

    What fun ideas do you have for fall adventure?

    leaves and acorns on a marble counter

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