Teaching reading can be very frustrating. But when the light bulb comes on, it is amazing!

I have put together a series of posts for teaching reading with library resources, Internet links,  and practical tips.

If at any time you have specific questions, please e-mail and we can put our heads together to solve your reading dilemma!

Want the most impact on helping your child learn to read? Read to them and with them! Here are some of our recommendations for Young Readers.

Providing good quality books for older readers is important too! Here are some of our favorites!
Teens and Young Adults

What readers need!
The Secret to Reading
Finding Just Right Books
Phonics and Phonemic Awareness
Reading Voices
Identifying and Repairing Confusions
Story Elements
Determining Importance
Strategic Readers

Reading Selections
First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Fifth-Seventh Grade (see Chapter Books for Middlish Readers)
Eighth and up (see Chapter Books for Older Readers)

On Opening a New Book by Abbie Farwell Brown
Here's an adventure! What awaits
Beyond these closed, mysterious gates?
Whom shall I meet, where shall I go
Beyond the lovely land I know?
Above the sky, across the sea?
What shall I learn and feel and be?
Open, strange doors, to good or ill!
I hold my breath a moment still
Before the magic of your look.

What will do do to me, O Book?

Ceesa knows what the musty book smell is..."magical."

Beginning Readers
Letter Factory
Name Puzzle with alphabet letters
Fun Beginning Learning
Write name on white board/magnadoodle/water mat
Match upper case and lower case letters
Use picture cards to match beginning sound to letter

Begin Level A books
Fruit Salad by Andrea Butler

Huggles Breakfast by Joy CowleyWhat are you? by Andrea ButlerA Toy Box by Andrea ButlerWho Likes Ice Cream?  by Andrea ButlerHelicopter over Hawaii by Rebel WilliamsBuilding with Blocks by Jillian CuttingWhat did Ben Want? by TheodorouMy Shadow by DepreeThe Seed by Christine YoungTime for Dinner by MittonWho Likes the Cold by Rebel WilliamsEvery Morning by Rebel WilliamsHere's a House by Beverley RandellTim's Paintings by Jeanne HollowaySocks by Carole Telford
Eating by Alan Hilvert-BruceAnimals by Rod TheodorouWhere is my Pet? by Moira Andrew and Jenny NortonThe Royal Family by Lynn Salem and Josie StewartTrees by Miriam Frost and Kris WiltseMoms and Dads by Beverley RandellLook What I can do by Jose Aruego

Letter Sound correspondence
20 High Frequency Words: starting with I, am, go, can
Nursery Rhymes for Fluency
Concepts About Print
Read easy texts together
Poetry and writing time together

First Grade

Consonant blends
Shared writing of stories
100 High Frequency Words
Poetry folders to illustration and practice Fluency
Record child readings and play back
Meaningful reading strategies
Guided Reading
5 Cues for Problem Solving
Retelling with Puppets
Lots of easy reading
Purposeful Writing for Authentic Reasons

Second Grade

Vowel patterns and blends
200 High Frequency Words
Meaningful Reading Strategies
Record child's readings and play back to build fluency
Reader's Theater
Guided Reading with focus on context clues
Vocabulary Integration
Purposeful Writing for Authentic Reasons
Spelling Stratgies

Third Grade and Up

Vocabulary Acquisition
Structural Analysis
Poetry Shares
Large Blocks of time for Reading
Large Blocks of time for Writing

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