Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Homemade Birthdays: Games and Activities

We have a lot of fun with birthday parties around here. We spend time together planning them and try to be as creative as we can making and using what we have on hand to put them together. We often try to come up with birthday games that are homemade.

I try to take the theme of the party and put a spin on traditional games. We don't really do commercial parties. So if there is something the kids like, I make it all our own. I usually try to come up with 3 games for them to play or activities for them.

Building with blocks
There was the princess party with the treasure hunt, searching for jewels in the sand, and a bean bag toss.

Duck toss
There was the farm party with pin the tail on the donkey, an egg hunt, and farm animal walks.

Ducky race
There was a jungle party with an exploring trip into the jungle. It had 3 missions. Go through the snakey tunnel, go across the crocodile river, and finally knock down the supply package stuck in the tree (box shaped pinata).

There was a dress-up party where we decorated Poppa with toilet paper, played dress up the animal bingo, and we made our own pizza.

Swimming party
There was a carnival party with face painting and carnival games: ring toss, ball toss, and fish pond.

Going into snakey tunnel
There was the tea party where we had a pinata that came down by pulling ribbons, the spider web game, and we put decorative stickers on the girls' fingernails.
Crossing crocodile river
There was the sleep over with movies, painting nails, braiding hair, and games.
Decorating Poppa
There was the circus party with face painting, balloon animals, and parachute games.

Making magnets
 There was the duck party with a relay race (with large duck like shoes), duck toss, and a hidden duck hunt.

Making sand art
There was a music party with lots of dancing games.

Digging for jewels
There was a detective party with three clues to write in our notebooks. It lead to what the birthday girl wanted to do~make a boat.

Bean bag toss for the princess
There was a cowgirl party with a pony pinata, hobby horse races, and lasso the horse.

face painting
There was the swimming party with a water balloon sling shot, a slip-n-slide, and water guns.
Ribbon pinata
There was a construction party with building blocks, pin the cement mixer on the truck, and truck races.

Spider web game

Pin the cement mixer on the truck

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Stephanie said...

I love it when I come up with birthday ideas. I get to feel brilliant. :)

Bethany said...

It is so much fun!

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