Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Build your own Newspaper Dome

We worked on a newspaper dome this week. It is the perfect rainy-day activity! It took a bit of time, but we had lovely results! Building a dome from newspapers offers a unique and eco-friendly approach to construction, blending creativity with sustainability. 

What is a Newspaper Dome?

A newspaper dome is a unique and eco-friendly structure constructed using newspapers as the primary building material. Fun fact: Did you know building structures from newspapers dates back to the 19th century? Newspaper domes have been used for various purposes, including art installations, shelters, and even experimental architecture projects. Their significance lies in promoting recycling, creativity, and innovative construction methods, but really it's just fun!

kids playing in a newspaper dome

List of Materials Required

To build a newspaper dome, you will need a stack of newspapers (lots of them), tape, and a stapler. You can give your newspaper dome a splash of personality by painting it with vibrant colors or creating intricate designs. You can consider taping the strips with washi tape or different colored duct tape, too. We chose to leave ours with just the newspaper.

stack of newspapers

Step-by-Step Guide to Building the Dome

Originally, we found the details for building a newspaper dome in a magazine article in the Family Fun magazine. It doesn't appear to be available online anymore, but we have our steps for you! 

1) Lay four sheets flat on top of one another. 

roll newspapers

2) Starting at one corner roll up tightly.

rolling up newspaper

3) Tape to hold in place. If you want to tape your rolls with duct tape or washi tape, now would be the best time. You'll need 25 rolls total. Reserve 5 rolls for the top. 

tape newspaper roll

4) Make a triangle by connecting 3 pieces to each other. Staple them in place. Next attach, 2 more pieces to create the pattern pictured in step 5. Continue with your triangles until you are left with the 5 your reserved for the dome.

5) Staple the 5 dome pieces together in the middle in a * shape. To assemble, staple one leg of your * shape to one angle all the way around and put the top on. Repeat with all of the legs.
staple roll pieces

6) Finally, pull up in the middle to prop the entire structure up.

kids playing in newspaper dome

Then have some fun!

newspaper dome play

newspaper dome construction

covering up with a blanket in a newspaper dome

Building a dome from newspapers is a great opportunity for some innovation and creativity and is both low cost and eco-friendly. So, grab some newspapers, let your imagination run wild, and embark on your own newspaper dome adventure. 

Have you made a fun newspaper inspired craft? Tell us about it!

How to build your own newspaper dome

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MrsYub said...

This is an AWESOME idea!! SO trying this!

Bethany said...

It is time consuming, but with helpers it isn't so bad. And the kids loved it!

Phyllis said...

We have done this, too. It was a lot of fun, but my kids didn't like making the rolls, so I had to make most of them.

Bethany said...

Yes. Same here. Although they tried to help some.

Coombe Mill - Fiona said...

Now that is a fun way to make an indoor den. Thanks for sharing with Summer Carnival.

Bethany said...

Although not the most sturdy, they did enjoy playing with it. And once it came down, it was a great collection of swords. :)

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