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Fundanoodle-Orange (Age 3+/Preschool): I Can Bead, Lace, Rip and Trace {A Review}

Fundanoodle sent us their Orange (Age 3+/Preschool)I Can Bead, Lace, Rip and Trace ($29.99) to review.

photo beadlaceriptrace_zpse555097e.jpg

When it arrived Little Man was so excited. He helped me to open the box and take everything out of the packaging.

As he worked on getting things out, he said, "What is it? Oh, a game."

Then he proceeded to investigate everything. "It's going to be so much cool!"

What comes in the kit?
The kit includes
  • 3 lacing/tracing cards (heart, star, flower)
  • 10 cards with various shapes 
  • 100 assorted color tissue paper squares
  • 12 pipe cleaners
  • 3 shoe laces
  • 3 strands of yarn
  • 5 beading pattern cards
  • 20 wooden beads (10 square and 10 sphere with flat tops and bottoms)
  • a crayon
  • directions on the box for a number of activities

Quote from Fundanoodle 
"Full of activities to help children develop fine motor skills for writing and other everyday activities, this kit also helps children build self-esteem and express their artistic side while improving concentration, finger and hand control, eye-hand coordination and muscle tone."

Additional Materials Required
You can add as little or as much as you want to the kit. We wanted to complete all of the activities provided, so we used glue, pencils, scrap paper, additional crayons, and safety scissors.

Time Commitment
We would spend about 10 minutes working together on an activity. But there were lots of times that I would hear Ceesa or Jo-Jo say, " Come on Little Man, let's play school." They would get the box and work together.  At other times, Little Man would say, "Momma, where's my school box."

What did we do?
We used the different materials in lots of ways. When we first got the package, Little Man helped me punch out the lacing/tracing cards. He said, "I pushed the heart out. It's beautiful. It's a shape." Then we the punched out shapes to lace with the pipe cleaners and shoe laces (they are currently in our leaving-the-house activity bag). We used the outer shapes to trace, and then cut out the shapes. 

Little Man also liked to use the card for the heart to name the colors of the balloons around the edges.

We used the various shapes initially to identify what shape or thing that they represented. Then Little Man glued the tissue paper squares onto some of them and others he colored. He chose what he wanted to do for each shape.

He used the pipe cleaners to twist together to make different shapes. Some were actual shapes, others were just twisted to his heart's content.

He used the wooden beads to build towers and other constructions. 

"These are towers...

and these match."

Then he would match up the beads with the beading cards following the pattern. Occasionally, he would string the beads on the string with the pattern and sometimes on his own.

photo fundanoodlelogo_zps4636896c.png 

We would recommend this kit for preschool aged children or children with a need to develop fine motor skills. 

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Fundanoodle said...

Thank you for this great review! We're so glad Little Man thought the kit was "so much cool"! What a fun compliment! We're so glad you all loved it. Thanks again for taking the time to try and review the kits. Enjoy!

Bethany said...

Thanks for blessing us with the opputurnity to review it!

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