Tuesday, December 02, 2014

It's Christmas Time With Old Traditions and New Ones {A Sponsored Post}

Our family has lots of Christmas traditions that we've been celebrating for several years.

Every year since Poppa and I married, we've made an ornament for the tree. When Ceesa came along, we began making a special ornament for her every year and all of the siblings that have followed her.

The day after Thanksgiving we put on some Christmas music and decorate the tree.

We make gifts for one another for our stockings.

We take a special day trip as a family and do something Christmas-y: see lights, go to the zoo, visit a Christmas village, see a play or a concert.

We have a birthday party for Jesus. We go to our church's Christmas candlelight service. We celebrate advent and celebrate the twelve days of Christmas.

We make cookies and candies. 

And thanks to Family Christian for providing Poppa and I with tickets, we are adding a Christmas season date night to our list of holiday fun. We get to go to the Gaither Christmas Homecoming!

Now I can't tell you how many times that I have walked into the TV room (when we had a TV) and I found Poppa watching the Gaithers on the television. Really too many to count. 

A couple of years ago, our family went with the church youth group to a premiere of a movie. We won a prize pack and my sister did, too. Well, in her pack was one of the Gaither's DVDs and although I really wanted to watch the movie we won, I traded it for her Gaither DVD. 

Poppa really likes the Gaithers. So it is a perfect date night! What a wonderful new tradition to start. Do you have a Christmas season date night?

You can check out the Gaither Concert Tour schedule here! And be sure to check out all Family Christian has to offer too by visiting them on FacebookTwitterPinteresttumblr, and Instagram.

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Phyllis said...

Family traditions are so important, especially at Christmas. I love how from the heart all of yours are.

Bethany said...

Thanks Phyllis! We really try to make memories that build our family connection.

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