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Izzy Macarons: The Absolute Best Macarons Around {Review}

The first time I heard of a macaron was about ten years ago. My friend, Amanda, mentioned how much she loved them and how she'd get them a lot when she lived in Delaware. My response was "A what now?" She tried to explain, but I'm not sure I got it. She ended with, "You have to try them!" 

picture of box of macarons from Izzy Macarons and a macaron

What are macarons?
Macaron (generally pronounced mack-uh-RAHN, but I've heard lots of variations) is a small cake made from almond flour, egg whites, and sugar. There are 2 cake layers with a cream layer sandwiched in the middle. The cream and cakes can be any flavor. If you've ever tried making them yourself, you know they are difficult little buggers to create. However, they are an absolute favorite of Ceesa's, which is wonderful since they are a gluten-free sweet that she can have without causing any upset stomach.

picture of a galaxy macaron on a silver plate

What makes us experts?
Ceesa is a bit of a macaron connoisseur. She has had macarons from all over. From March de Macarons in Savannah to local food trucks and bakeries to Pistacia Vera in Columbus, she's tried them all. Knowing how much she loves them, we decided we would get her a monthly macaron box subscription for Christmas last year.  After searching through several companies and choosing one that fell through, I decided I'd just order her boxes monthly. Enter Izzy Macarons (not affiliated, just sharing the love!).

pale colored macaron with a swirl

Who's Izzy?
Izzy is a self-taught baker based in New Jersey. She spent years learning how to make the perfect macaron and we are so glad she did.

Why Izzy Macarons are the best
We are sure Izzy Macarons are the best! Firstly, because Ceesa says they are the best she has ever tasted. And frankly, I needn't say more. (But of course there's more!)

Izzy offers lots of different styles of macarons. We've seen everything from traditional solid color, to special shapes, to custom printed, to themed for the holiday! You can get macarons for special occasions, birthdays, baby showers, holidays, changes in seasons, and pretty much any time for no reason at all. 
box of Izzy Macarons with a pumpkin imprint macaron features

Izzy creates beautiful custom designs. We've seen lots of really cute designs over the last year of ordering, but don't take my word for it. People! Check out these adorable cheeseburgers!

hamburger macarons

Macaron boxes come in an assortment of sizes with lots of options and various price points. You can get a box with as little as six ($17.00) or an entire macaron tower ($85.00) or go all out and get 300 macarons ($580.00)! All prices subject to change of course! 
box of 12 assorted macarons

The good news doesn't stop there. With each order you make, there is a special section on the order page for noting food allergies. In addition to wheat, Ceesa has other allergies that we have to avoid. I just type up those allergies in the notes and Izzy makes sure we don't get any macarons with those allergens in them.

In each order we've received, Izzy has included a personal note, which I really appreciate. It makes me feel like our business matters to Izzy and I'm glad to support her!

thank you card to Bethany

Another bonus feature of ordering with Izzy is that you can order and make your payment now and request a particular ship date for later.

The macarons come in a plastic container grooved for individual macarons. They are wrapped in plastic wrap and then wrapped in bubble wrap. This is placed in a box with paper wrap. Each order has an ice pack to keep them fresh in transit. We've never had one crushed or damaged in all of this time. 

box of macarons with Izzy Macaron sticker

You can order every month like us and always be surprised. The flavors change monthly! Some of the special flavors for this month are caramel apple, apple pie, pecan pie, and coquito. You can pick out a box of all of one flavor or request a box with certain flavors, or even pick a "surprise me" box that includes an assortment! For the last year, we've ordered the assortment each time!  Each "surprise me" box comes with an identification card, so you know what each flavor will be as you look through your assortment. While Ceesa says all of the flavors are wonderful, her favs have been pistachio, cheesecake, lemon pie, and cotton candy.

card with macaron pictures and flavors

Izzy has lots of cute shapes and custom printed designs for her macarons, too. Some of the special November designs are turkeys and pumpkins!
Thanksgiving themed macarons

Our macarons have always arrived fresh and delicious. Izzy includes instructions for storing them (if you don't eat the whole box when it comes to your mailbox). Izzy Macarons should be stored in the refrigerator if you are eating them within 7 days of delivery or frozen up to a month. Ceesa likes to eat a few, refrigerate them, and then freeze them after a couple of days to stretch them throughout the month.
card with directions for how to care for macarons

Can you tell we love Izzy Macarons? We definitely recommend them for gift giving, special occasions, or a treat just for yourself!

If you head to Izzy Macarons at the time of this post, you can sign up for the newsletter and receive 5% your first purchase. And Christmas themed macarons for the holiday season are available for order now.
christmas themed box of macarons

You can even get specialty screen printed macarons!
custom prints on macarons of a lady and girl on one and a cat on others

So what are you waiting for? We'd recommend a visit to Izzy Macarons!

galaxy swirl macaron

We'd love to hear about your experience with Izzy Macarons below in the comments.

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