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Week 4 on Autoimmune Protocol (AIP): If you're wondering what to eat with an autoimmune disease? {What I ate}

It’s hard to believe I am 4 weeks into the AIP elimination phase. The thing I’ve been thinking about lately is the lack of information in traditional medical practices about how to use your diet to improve your health. Before finding out I had an autoimmune disorder, I ate the recommended healthy diet. When I was diagnosed, I wasn’t provided with any guidance about what foods lead to autoimmune nor was I given any information about the problems associated with the condition. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed pre-diabetic and I asked specifically what I should eat that I was told to eat a different diet. The doctor said the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest. Although, when I researched that diet, I found that it wasn’t actually recommended for pre-diabetics and had to search out the T2 restrictions on my own. If it wasn’t for my own willingness to seek out more information, I would never have heard of AIP. 

smoothie, snack mix, dinner plate, and soup

If you’ve had to eliminate foods because of health concerns, you know it is a really difficult process to drastically change what you eat. I’ve done it twice now in the last several months, first changing to T2 to support my blood sugar and then leaping into AIP believing my blood sugar issues are related to the autoimmune condition. It took about 3 months to start building recipes and to become comfortable with how to adjust recipes to be acceptable to my palate after starting the T2 diet for prediabetes. Starting all over with AIP has been disheartening at times.

There is also a lot of contradicting information floating around out there about what is AIP friendly and what isn’t. One expert says pepper, nutmeg and cumin are okay. Another says vanilla extract and cooking wine are okay as long as the alcohol is cooked off. Another expert says, they are all off limits during the elimination phase of AIP. It isn’t too hard to just skip those ingredients when you are eliminating so many other things, but searching out recipes becomes even more difficult. It can be frustrating to find a recipe that says it is AIP, only to look through the ingredients and have to omit several things to make it AIP. If a recipe calls for pepper or cumin, leaving it out can be a big difference in taste. 

Day 22

How I am feeling:  I wasn't feeling too bad when I got up, pretty decent. Later in the evening, I had some bloating.

What I ate on AIP elimination phase day 22:

Coconut “Oatmeal” from Nourish: The Paleo Healing Cookbook 
Pink Lemonade Aloe Vera drink

Glass bowl with "noatmeal"

Leftover Bison Chili from The Autoimmune Solution Cookbook
A couple of Garlic and Thyme Crackers from The Healing Kitchen

bowl of bison chili in pottery and marble table

½ EPIC salmon stick
Dried apples

Saturday Night Sushi from The Autoimmune Solution
Roasted Root Veggies from The Autoimmune Solution

root veggies

Mango Sorbet with Mint from Nourish: The Paleo Healing Cookbook 
mango sorbet in a bowl

Creating Balance:  Today was a really busy day, I incorporated some relaxation practices throughout the day, but didn't have much time on my hands to take a break.

Gratitude: Today, I’m thankful for Jo-Jo’s fall break.

Day 23

How I am feeling:  I had bloating and was gassy throughout the day. I'm having some slight swelling in lymph node behind my right ear.

What I ate on AIP elimination phase day 23:

Chicken Hash from the Healing Kitchen

AIP chicken hash

That’s It Bar

Cilantro and Salmon stuffed Avocado over Spinach from The Autoimmune Solution

Zucchini Muffins from the Autoimmune Solution Cookbook substituting out the nutmeg for mace and using applesauce instead of banana.

Beef Roast
Mashed white sweet potatoes-Made these by peeling 5 potatoes and chopping. Add them to boiling water. Bring to low boil for about 8 minutes or until fork tender. Mash with about 1/2 cup bone broth, 1 teaspoon garlic powder, and 1 teaspoon salt.
Sweet Potato Fries-peel and slice into fry shapes. Toss in avocado oil. Sprinkle with garlic powder, onion powder, and salt. Bake 425 degrees for about 25 minutes.
Spinach Salad with Ume Plum Vinegarette

sweet potato fries

Creating Balance: I opened the curtains, and we went hiking with friends. I did my relaxation practice.

Gratitude: Today, I’m thankful for swinging bridges, climbing ladders, one more overlook, a bonus fire tower, and brave explorers.

Day 24

How I am feeling:  I’m not feeling too bad, still having some swelling in the lymph node, but less pain. A bit of an ache in my neck and shoulder and some sinus drainage. Later in the day, I had bloating, was gassy, and I had digestive discomfort.

What I ate on AIP elimination phase day 24:

Zucchini Muffins from the Autoimmune Solution Cookbook substituting the nutmeg for mace and applesauce for banana.
Protein Drink with coconut milk and Paleo protein

Sweet Potato Fries-peel and slice into fry shapes. Toss in avocado oil. Sprinkle with garlic powder, onion powder, and salt. Bake 425 degrees for about 25 minutes.

Creamy Butternut Squash Soup with Cinnamon from The Autoimmune Solution omitting the pepper and nutmeg, adding ginger and mace instead.
Organic Blueberries 
Organic Green Apple

squash soup in bowl

Pork Loin- Marinade your Pork Loin in ½ c. balsamic vinegar and ½ c. olive oil. Marinade for at least 2 hours up to overnight. Sprinkle with salt, rosemary, sage, thyme, ginger cinnamon, and turmeric. Bake 350 for 20 minutes per pound (internal temp of 145). Let rest 10 minutes.
Roasted Broccoli-Tossed with olive oil, salt and garlic powder or minced garlic. Bake 350 degrees for 20 minutes.
Roasted Carrots
Coconut parfait

wooden plate with sweet potato fries, mixed green salad with raspberreis, and pork loin

Bacon Herb Biscuit from The Healing Kitchen

Creating Balance: I opened the curtains and made my bed.  Relaxation practice.

Gratitude: Today, I’m thankful for bursts of energy and galas for pretty young ladies.

Day 25

How I am feeling:  Woke with my hands asleep (they were tingling most of the night) and my whole body felt hot. My wrists were sore, too. The lymph node is swollen and I’m having some pain in my neck and shoulder. It is a cold day, so that may be contributing to the discomfort. I was gassy and bloated in in the evening.

What I ate on AIP elimination phase day 25:

Herb Breakfast sausage from The Healing Kitchen
Aloe Juice with Leaky Gut Revive Strawberry Lemonade from Amy Myers MD

Squash soup
Couple plantain chips

Leftover Pork Loin
Leftover Broccoli
Leftover Carrots

Cake Pops (This is a recipe in progress for me!)
Apple & Strawberry That’s It Bar
Dried Root Veggies
Protein Ball

Creating Balance: I made my bed and opened the curtains. I took a sweat bath in Epsom salt, aluminum free baking soda, and my herbal bath mix. Completed my weekly self-care routine: dry brush, ayate cloth body exfoliation, charcoal face mask, pumice foot soak and scrub, and body moisturizing with oils and body butter (using all non-toxic or low-tox products). Poppa and I had a date night with AIP cake pops. Relaxation practice.

Gratitude: Today, I’m thankful for lots of touch downs to celebrate and finding others with an autoimmune to share all of the elimination struggles.

Day 26

How I am feeling: Today, I woke up with some pressure in my head and my jaw ached. The lymph node is less swollen and I have little pain. I had lots of bloating today. I did yoga in the evening. 

What I ate on AIP elimination phase day 26:

Oven-Baked Pancakes from The Healing Kitchen
Leftover hash

pancakes that look like cookies on a plate


Roast Beef
Sweet and Salty Trail Mix from The Autoimmune Solution Cookbook

Snack mix with dried strawberries and root vegetables


Pantry Soup-Threw in all the odd bits. I had about a cup and a half of leftover AIP ketchup that was more like paste that I started with. I poured in 2 cups bone broth and 1 cup filtered water. I added some chopped carrots, onion, garlic, and celery. Tossed in grass-fed pasture raised beef stew meat. Seasoned it all with salt, oregano, and garlic powder.
Bacon Herb Biscuit from The Healing Kitchen

Hot Chocolate (working on this recipe for you!)

Creating Balance: I made my bed and opened the curtains. We had guests for dinner. Relaxation practice.

Gratitude: Today, I’m thankful for getting the camp closed down for the season, ball dresses, and overflowing bouquets of roses.

Day 27

How I am feeling:  I had a hive under my lip for part of the day today. I was gassy and bloated in the evening. My throat was burning at one point. I have a slight pain in my neck and shoulder. The lymph node is slightly swollen. I did yoga this evening.

What I ate on AIP elimination phase day 27:

AiPeazy Muesli with vanilla powder and cinnamon sprinkled over, freeze dried strawberries, and coconut milk

Leftover pork
A couple handfuls of trail mix
Mango sorbet from Nourish: The Paleo Healing Cookbook 


Bone broth with meat leftover from making the most recent batch of bone broth, broccoli, garlic powder, and salt.
Apple and mixed green salad.

AIP Banana Snack Cookies from Sonora in Bold

Creating Balance: Finally, settled in to finish a book I’d been working on since summer. I made the bed and opened the curtains. Relaxation practice.

Gratitude: Today, I’m thankful for the sweetest of 4 year old’s birthday party and his father’s wellness.

Day 28

How I am feeling:  I have a sore throat today. There is slight swelling in the lymph node. I did yoga today.

What I ate on AIP elimination phase day 28:

Pumpkin Spice Smoothie from The Healing Kitchen

pumpkin pie smoothie in mason jar

A couple of handfuls of AiPeazy Muesli. This is my favorite way to eat it!

Diced chicken breast over lettuce with Greek Salad Dressing from The Healing Kitchen
Sweet and Salty Root Veggie Trail Mix from The Autoimmune Solution Cookbook


Herbed Chicken (my recipe: Chicken breast sprinkled with salt, thyme and rosemary. Baked on 375 degrees 20-30 minutes until cooked through.
Broccoli with Dark Cherries from The Autoimmune Solution
Spaghetti Squash (my recipe)

Hot Chocolate (my recipe)

Creating Balance: I made my bed, opened the curtains, and decorated the front porch with corn stalks and gourds. Relaxation practice. I did some gardening and enjoyed the brisk outside weather. We had a family movie night.

Gratitude: Today, I’m thankful for the rust colored avenue of trees.

At the end of this fourth week: I’ve noticed two things. I have more energy. Generally, as it begins to get darker earlier, I’m tired and just pushing through to do what I need to in the evenings. I’ve found that I have more energy clear up until bedtime.

I can process my thoughts better and stay on top of a conversation. Many times, I felt like I would be easily waylaid and lose my train of thought. 

The pain isn’t constant. It comes and goes, which is an improvement.

If you are curious, here are the recipes I’ve saved to my box:
Breakfast recipes
Berry Mint Smoothie
Butternut Squash Sausage
Coconut Cream Berry Parfait from The Autoimmune Solution 
Hearty Sweet Potato Hash from The Autoimmune Solution
Breakfast Stack (my recipe)
Tropical Green Smoothie
Pumpkin Pancakes from The Autoimmune Solution Cookbook

Lunch recipes
Simple Side Salad (my formula)
Lunch Soup (my formula)
Peach and Kale Summer Salad from The Healing Kitchen
Apricot Chicken Salad from The Autoimmune Solution Cookbook 

Dinner recipes
Chicken noodle soup (my modified recipe)
Burger Cabbage, and Sweet Potato Casserole (my modified recipe)
Beef Roast (my recipe)
Rosemary and Basil Meatballs
Sheet Pan Beef and Broccoli with Mushrooms from Heal Me Delicious 
Three-Herb Burgers (my recipe)
Roasted Chicken (my recipe)
Pesto Chicken Pizza from The Healing Kitchen 
Coconut Curry Chicken
Breaded Chicken Breast (my recipe)
Sweet Citrus Salmon Salad
Halibut and Onions
Mediterranean Lamb Meatballs
Carolina Pulled Pork from The Autoimmune Solution Cookbook 
Grilled Salmon (my recipe)
Loaded Burrito Bowls from Meatified 
Thai Green Mango Salsa
Garlic Oven-Roasted Cabbage
One-pot AIP Thai Basil Beef from Heal Me Delicious 
Speedy Shanghai Stir-Fry 
Ginger Pork Cucumber Bowls from Heal Me Delicious 
Brussel Sprouts with Dark Cherries
Cauli rice (my recipe)
Greens (my recipe)
Roasted Asparagus (my recipe)
Tangy Coleslaw from The Autoimmune Solution Cookbook 
Roasted Butternut Squash (my recipe)
Spaghetti Squash (my recipe)
Steamed Acorn Squash Rings (my recipe)
Homemade Applesauce (my recipe)
Roasted Roots with Garlic Sauce from The Healing Kitchen
Roasted Cauliflower (my recipe)
Roasted Carrots (my recipe)
Cooked Cabbage 
Wilted Kale with root veggies and garlic (my recipe)
Roasted Broccoli or Broccolini (my recipes)
wilted kale in a bowl on a marble table with red leaves

Coconut milk (my method)
Gut healing bone broth (my recipe)
Cinnamon Raisin Protein Bars from Grazed & Enthused
Tiger Nut Energy Bites from Gutsy by Nature
Apple Crisps
Fire Roasted Apples (my recipe)
Apple Pie Bars from Mother’s Niche
Italian Ice (Li’s recipe)
Garlic Herb Seasoning from The Healing Kitchen
Honey Balsamic Dressing from The Healing Kitchen
Apple Latte (my recipe)
Spiced Apple Cider (my recipe)

There are about 30 recipes that I have found in cookbooks or online, others I just modified my own over the last 4 weeks. All of these I will make again and I have several in the back of the box waiting to be modified and tried out. I’m making progress…I suppose. Although, it feels very slow going. And those 30 recipes are out of at least 90 I've tried, so I’m having less success than I am failure with building my recipes again. 

How have you been modifying your recipes to make them AIP friendly? What were your successes? Failures?

Disclaimer: The purpose of this post is not to offer medical advice. I am not in the medical field. My purpose is to share what decisions I’ve made in an attempt to improve my health and try to put my autoimmune disease into remission. Remember everyone’s body reacts differently to foods and supplements and you have to make the decisions that are best for you. Consult a trusted practitioner for medical advice. Our resource page details the books, articles, journals, and websites we've researched to put together our autoimmune articles. You can access our Autoimmune Research Resources by clicking.  

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