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Winter Adventures: Things to do in Winter

Well winter is here! I'm not sure about where you are, but where we're from today marks the first real sign of winter weather setting in. Today, we've had snow, freezing temperatures, and a bit of hail. Even though the weather is a bit frightful, there are still lots of ways to enjoy the season.

Snowy scenes Joyful Winter

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    1. Take a snowy walk
    You can do this mid-day or on a moon lit night. But however, you choose to take your snowy walk, the key is to bundle up tight and maybe even grab a warm drink.

    two girls bundled up in snow suits walking in deep snow

     2. Listen to the snowfall
    If you can find a really quiet place, on a snowy day you can hear the snow falling.

    3. Sled or ski or snowboard
    We have a huge sledding hill on our property. Poppa keeps it mowed all summer, just so the kids can use it to sled on. If you don't have the advantage of a sledding hill of your very own or one close by to use, you could go skiing, snowboarding, or even snow tubing or ice skating instead! Or try to fit in all of them!
    teen girl ice skating

    4. Make snowmen or snow angels
    Well, really you can take this wherever your creativity goes. You can make a family of things or a collection. You can make a snow cat or dog. We've even made snow dinosaurs.

    snowman with a red hat, rock eyes, and carrot nose

    5. Go to a winter festival or event
    To find out what fun festivals or events are going on near you, check out your local events on the county calendar for your area or check out what your state has to offer. 

    snow scene with lighted pathway

    6. Make an outdoor fire 
    We like to do this on winter days that are mild and dry, so the layers aren't extreme, and you aren't really uncomfortable. Take a few blankets out with you and snuggle in. If you don't have the option to have an outdoor fire at home, you could also visit a local lodge or hotel. Often times they have outdoor fires where guests can sit and enjoy the warmth.

    7. Go to a library or bookstore event
    Libraries and bookstores have lots of fun events and programs. From author talks and signings, to animal programs and reenactors, you can find some really interesting things to do.

    young boy sitting in library reading books

    8. Visit a museum or planetarium 
    When the weather isn't great outside, it is the perfect time to visit a museum or planetarium. Look out for special events, you might need to get tickets in advance!

    dinosaur face

    9. Go to a conservatory
    If you are really missing warm weather, a conservatory is the best place for you! Warm temperatures and plants growing makes for a surefire way to escape the winter cold!

    10. Watch a play or ballet
    There are lots of plays and ballets around the holidays (think It's a Wonderful Life and The Nutcracker), but don't limit yourself to the holidays. Winter makes an excellent time to take in a play or ballet.
    two men working in shops in Bethleham

    11. Look for a meteor shower 
    almanac.com has a list of winter meteor showers for your area with dates and times that they can be seen.

    12. Start a new hobby or do the one you have!
    I scrapbook and do genealogy research. And the winter is my favorite time to work on those projects. Well, really, it's the only time I have to work on them, but they are perfect for this time of year. They are inside hobbies and don't require a lot of energy.

    scrapbook paper

    13. Board game night 
    You can choose a long game to play for hours, have everyone pick a different game, or even learn something new. Fun fact: We learned to play Whist during COVID quarantine. In all of the Jane Austin books, the characters played whist at their get togethers. None of us had any clue what Whist was and with plenty of time on our hands, we set about learning how to play. We are big fans!

    Girl playing a math game with her father at the table

    14. Put together a jigsaw puzzle
    After the holiday every year, I set up a card table by an open window and start a puzzle. Everyone is welcome to work on it or not as they want to and when it is finished, I set out a new one. We keep it up until no one is really working on them anymore.

    15. Have a “Summer in Winter” night
    This is a fun way to beat the winter blues. You can turn up the heat or sit close to a fire and put on some summer clothes. Read a summer themed book or watch a summer themed movie. Have an Italian Ice and cool off.

    16. Read a book in front of a cozy fire
    Winter is really a time to hibernate a bit and there is no better way to rest than to read a new book next to a crackling fire. If you don't have your own fireplace at home, you could find a cozy coffee shop or bookstore with a fireplace and settle in.

    two girls sitting in front of fire; one has arm around the other

    17. Plant indoor flower bulbs 
    This is really great for those of us that are gardeners. Winter in the garden can seem rather forlorn, but that doesn't mean you can't force some bulbs indoors. Crocus, Daffodils, Hyacinth, Iris, Tulips, and Snowdrops make good bulbs to force, but they do require a chilling phase. If you can't wait for that, paperwhites and amaryllis make good bulbs to try. I've forced paperwhites and they are very pretty!

    18. Have a tea party
    We love tea parties. Often times, I'll make a little treat (scones, pastries, or biscuits) and a pot of tea and we will set around the table enjoying the break. Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea from Harney & Sons is all of our favorite! It tastes like red hot candies. It can be all out with a theme like our St Patrick's Day Tea or just as simple as tea and tin biscuits!

    St Patrick's day tea with sweet treats

    19. Refresh with a spa day at home
    Of course, you could go out for a spa day. We'll be headed to the spa soon to pamper Ceesa for a graduation present. But, a spa day at home can be just as relaxing and maybe a bit more comfortable. you could get hot stones and exchange massages. You can get some candles, rose petals, plush towels, and epsom salt and take a nice long bath. You can even do a facial or home manicure. So many options to relax! A few years ago, we had a spa party inviting lots of the girls' friends over for the day. 

    table set with tea things, pom-poms hanging from ceiling

    Don't miss any of the opportunities to enjoy what the season has to offer! Want a fun printable to hang up?

    winter adventure printable form

    You can print the pdf by clicking the link here: Winter Adventures!

    What fun ideas do you have for winter adventure?

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