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Winter Try-on Boutique Haul {2024}

We've got a boutique try-on for you all today!

designer boutique outfits winter try-on

The girls and I have been looking forward to sharing our boutique try-on haul with you since we first decided to make a stop at our favorite little boutique, Blonde Robin.   

standing outside doorway of boutique

Why we love boutiques
I've never been much of a shopper. I usually know what I want and would really prefer for someone to just hand it to me, rather than for me to go hunting to see if I can find it. I remember as a teenager, I used to get hives when I'd go shopping with my mom. There was something about the organization of the stores or looking for things through bins or try-ons in cramped dressing rooms. It was all too much. 

I have a friend that loves going shopping, even grocery shopping. She'll take a cup of coffee and happily stroll the aisles. I don't even do the grocery shopping at our house; Poppa picks up our groceries on the way home. The girls know they have me for no more than 2 hours on a shopping trip before it is time for me to get on my way. 

There are two exceptions. Some antique stores and boutiques. 

Antique stores are wonderful. I think I could spend hours and hours looking at things. I've been in plenty of antique stores that I've turn around immediately and walked out, but there are others that I can stay in all day. maybe because some feel more like a museum rather than a shop. Or maybe it is because we spent a lot of time at an auction house when I was in my teens. My grandmother owned a furniture refinishing business and I learned how to appreciate old things. 

As for boutiques, they are generally small and have a relaxed atmosphere. There isn't a ton of clothing, but it is generally high-quality. That also means I can look through everything in less than my allotted 2 hours. There's only been a few boutiques that I was uncomfortable in and that was because they had more than 2 floors and were also second-hand stores. Too much was going on for me. One of our absolute favorite boutiques is Blonde Robin

plaid blazer with sweater and dress pants

Why we love Blonde Robin
Firstly, we adore the owners! We've known Megan and Emily for years and years. Beautiful ladies inside and out! Secondly, the clothes are high quality. I have things in my closet that I purchased there over 5 years ago that are still like new. That's important to me. Generally, when I buy something for my closet, it needs to be durable. My purchases trend toward timeless, classic pieces and since those don't go out of style, I expect them to last. The girls love the clothes because they are pretty and subtly trendy (right now the focus is on a cottage core look, although over the years it shifts with updates). They've even picked out ball dresses here. Honestly, I feel like I have my own personalized stylist when I walk in the door. It's like a whole shop of clothes picked for me. And not least on my list, the shop itself is beautiful. There's something about shopping in an aesthetically lovely place.

racks of clothes and baby crib

cute dressing room decorated for holidays

In addition to clothing, they sell home decor in store. Those of you who live in the area can stop in to check out what they carry. There are a few things online, but most you have to go to the store to see for yourself.

shelves of homeware items

rustic home decor

mantle decorated with greenery

home decor items on crates

Since we visited last, they've added a Baby line with clothing and other items. They have the sweetest things from teddy bears to sweaters.

baby clothes and teddy bear in crib

rack of cottage core baby clothes

Okay, now on to the try-on haul!
rack of cottage core clothing

My first pick was this Tiered Mini Linen dress. I chose to try on the camel color and I paired it with a Milo Rancher hat. I wore the leggings in, but I think it would really look good with tights and booties. This was a fun outfit and a lot of the people in the shop complimented me in the dress.
Jo-Jo's first outfit was the Envie sweater in sand with brown dress pants and a cross body bag called Remy Fanny in chocolate. The sweater is extra soft and comfy and so versatile. 
Standing in a cream sweater, brown dress pants, chocolate body bag

sitting in a acream sweater, brown dress pants, chocolate body bag

Ceesa picked a pair of wide-leg denim pants in cream with a cream beanie and gray sweater. The pants are really soft and nothing like the starched feeling of denim. The pants were her favorite piece of the try-on.
standing in a pants in cream with a cream beanie and gray sweater

kicking in cream pants and beanie and gray sweater

Ceesa's next outfit was another gray sweater (starting to see a pattern here) with black dress pants and sunnies. She really like this outfit and was thinking it would be great to wear just about anywhere.
gray sweater with black dress pants and sunnies

looking down with gray sweater with black dress pants and sunnies

Next up for Jo-Jo was a fun outfit. She picked a white t-shirt, black Blonde Robin cap, and a black jumper. This isn't a style she normally wears, so it was a good try-on outfit. 
Ceesa chose a plaid shacket with gray (again) ribbed top underneath for last outfit. The shacket is in blue on the website. These pictures of her remind me of my mom in her graduation pictures for some reason. 

shacket with gray top and jeans

shacket and gray top with jeans and sneakers

For my second outfit, I chose a cream waffle knit sweater, blue linen skirt (really soft) and gold bar necklace. I must say, I'm not a huge jewelry wearer; however, the pieces that I wear regularly have come from Blonde Robin. There are three necklaces I wear on repeat. One is a string of pearls, the second is a three chain layered necklace, and the third is one with a tassel at the bottom. I'm really loving some of the jewelry available online right now. If you are like me and enjoy dainty jewelry, the pearl cove necklace and the opal teardrop necklace look just perfect. 
cream sweater and denim skirt with bar necklace

long denim skirt, cream sweater and bar necklace

For my last outfit, I tried on an Oversized V-neck sweater in taupe with black dress pants. This sweater is so soft. My favorites of the try-on are between this sweater and the dress. 
taupe sweater and black pants

black pants with oversized taupe sweater

For Jo-Jo's last outfit, she picked out the plaid shacket in tan with a brown high neck top underneath.
brown shirt and shacket with jeans

brown shirt and brown shacket with jeans

We had a great try-on day and found a couple of really cute things we loved!

Oh! And I would be remiss not to mention, that Blonde Robin is also a coffee shop! The girls love to get coffees and smoothies while we are there. You can sit in their seating area, sip as you browse, or take your drinks and treats to go!
iced coffee

The Details
Blonde Robin 
505 S Market St
Danville, OH

Do you have a favorite boutique? Tell us about it!

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