Living with an autoimmune disease can be frustrating. We feel that. Not only is it frustrating to be unwell, but when you need reliable answers and trustworthy resources and can't find them; well, it can be overwhelming. To make it easier, we're here providing all of our answered questions, sharing my autoimmune journey, providing AIP recipes, and just some general support. We could all use a friendly shoulder now and then!

Autoimmune Questions Series

One of the most frustrating things about having an autoimmune disease is not getting answers. When you ask your medical provider questions and the response is simply a shrug, it's not good enough. We have questions. You have questions. We want the questions answered. We are working away to get our questions addressed. If you have questions too, ask us and we'll do some research to see what we can find! 

Starting the Process
In 2020, I was diagnosed with an Autoimmune disorder. You can get the details and follow along with my journey too!

The Autoimmune Protocol: What I Ate Series
When we started eating AIP, I really wanted to see what people were eating on daily basis. I wanted to know how they were managing it day in and day out. I found very few people talking about how they were putting meals together. This is why The Autoimmune Protocol: What I Ate Series was born. I share weekly posts on what I eat every day, so you can get some idea of what this looks like for me.
pumpkin chili, chocolate cherry smoothie, tuna salad over spinach, and BBQ chicken pizza

Our AIP Recipes
It can be really difficult to find great recipes when you are on AIP. Guys, I know that there are lots of recipes out there, but finding recipes that taste great can be so difficult and discouraging. Eating AIP is expensive and cooking the meals is time consuming. We don't want you to waste your time and resources. We promise to only share recipes that we love and find delicious.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this website is not to offer medical advice. I am not in the medical field. My purpose is to share what decisions I’ve made in an attempt to improve my health and try to put my autoimmune disease into remission. Remember everyone’s body reacts differently to foods and supplements and you have to make the decisions that are best for you. Consult a trusted practitioner for medical advice. Our resource page details the books, articles, journals, and websites we've researched to put together our autoimmune articles. You can access our Autoimmune Research Resources by clicking.  

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